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  1. as far as the violin solo goes,Alex could use a digital whammy pedal.I have one and the high octave settings,can duplicate the range of a violin.why they didn't play this song last tour,is beyond me.(not complaining) just sayin..I hope they have a soloist with them on stage,rather than the trigger thing...if they play this buffalo,and I look at my ten year old,son....oh boy...
  2. they are gonna play it in BUFFALO 6/10...because buffalo is like their second home next to Toronto...right ??? !! please....I can dream...
  3. MJH

    Alex' (guitar)

    I'm going to Buffalo too. :) Section 102 row 22 seats 4-10 I am bringing my ten year old son to his first concert ever! come visit us we shall laugh cry raise our glass and say farewell to the Kings!!
  4. MJH

    Alex' (guitar)

    Thanks for all your reply's, I love talkin Rush!, I wish I could have you all over to my home for drinks,we would all talk till dawn...June 10th buffalo is my next Rush show ...take care.
  5. I read somewhere,that alex gave away his original white Gibson dbl.neck...is the one he is using a re-issue? Or did he have one custom made?
  6. its not a baseball game !! very inconsiderate I agree with you,100% ....
  7. Great question!, too many great songs,too decide from..."wish them well"
  8. Well,now I'll have to buy the DVD then....bastards!
  9. anything can happen on this tour! I mean it's a ( choked up,can't speak gonna cry possible farewell tour) hate myself for even saying it.but if it is truly the last big go around, loosing it is a possibility. Lakeside park...hello?. If any of you told me they were gonna play that song a month ago,I would have said..you sir are loosing it.
  10. Don't be so harsh,to judge..athletes makes mistakes,drop balls,strike out.i saw Joshua bell world class violinists,drop a few notes live in concert.it happens all the time.now with media utube you can watch the mistakes over and over,seems like a big deal,but it's not.its what you do after the mistake that really matters.play on Rush!
  11. why would they do 4 songs from C.A. ...they just did the whole album,LAST TOUR (minus BU2B) ??? love that cd,but cmon ! It has to be a fake list....
  12. love your set list !! Alex playing Broon's or the tree's (with a real classical guitar) would just freak me and my son out....soon we will all know the answer's...
  13. I am taking 5 friends....and my 10 year son,first concert ever !! he has been asking me to go to see RUSH since he was 5-6....Cant wait to his face,when I hand him his ticket !!
  14. you should try to tell them your life story,really slow.... all kidding aside...congrats!!
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp1BAfm5LSM I think this guy has something to say about meet and greets.....
  16. ...so thats what happened to Gary Busey... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=noKVrNK2VKM
  17. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Sp1BAfm5LSM Does anybody know what this guy is talking about?.I think he says meet and greets 100 times.
  18. shuffle every show..can you imagine? be like going to show 20 years ago!... here's a song from signals,called "loosing it"..or bam first chord starts to jacobs ladder ..bum bum bum bum bum..bum..crowd goes f in crazy!!! then broons bane,followed by the trees!! holy shit! run,forrest run back to your seat !! forget the beer...run!!!...
  19. I really doubt,they will "tweak"the set list anymore...we are lucky that there isnt just one set list,same songs every night period.Rush has always been strict about the set lists even more so these days they have to cooridinate,visuals, lights.pyro tech,and now a string section in the mix...I Would love to be surprised!!
  20. welcome!! hope all is well in the UK!!
  21. you are right on!!!....I overreacted to the set list,because it was not,what I wanted to hear...and apologized for it.and will again...it's someone else turn now to hear synth songs pw tunes.I Know how fortunate,we all our to still see these guys come out and play...so cheers to you for reminding us all...I am going to have fun,at that oct show no matter what!!
  22. he is embarrassed,from the horrible set list!!.....kidding!!!
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