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  1. I thought Rush didn't sell meet and greet passes. How come they are for sale now? Found them online at a number of premium ticket sellers for most any show you want. Way to rich for me, (about 2K each), but available. At first I thought a contest winner was putting them up, but there are passes for almost every show.
  2. Just saw this in the youtube page. Anyone know anything about this? Michael used to be head of security, but apparently is no longer. Don't know why the switch, but got it on good authority from a crew member. New head is a guy named Kevin. It was this guy that tossed the offending fan because she was elbowing all through the front row trying to get pics, and almost starting fights in the process. I saw the security guy go to her and tell her it was time to go. Then I saw him look up at Alex and gesture "out?" with his finger. Alex nodded yes and out she went!
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