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  1. I got one text, then another...then my phone and FB blew up. I've been kind of a sad mess all weekend. Glad you're all still here.
  2. ReGorLaTroy Tried to message you to thank you for your good wishes for my birthday! It was comforting to know you're still out in the world, and that you remembered me. RUSH ON, always.
  3. Going to the show at Prudential and MSG...hoping whoever is there we can raise a glass to the best band ever!
  4. I'M HERE!! you guys are awesome, and thanks so much for remembering my birthday! I often think of all the fun times we've had on this Forum. Promise to pop in more often. xoxo
  5. round and about my friend...nice to know I've been missed. :kisshug:
  6. And on the day YOU were born, I hoisted a drink in the air to celebrate MY 21st birthday! So no, not around my whole life. I was born June 2, 1969 and did not discover RUSH until 1982; I was 13. My entry drug was Caress of Steel...and I never looked back.
  7. Yes. This. And FWIW, Presto stood firmly in my top two albums for the longest time (switching places with COS depending on my mood). I "rediscovered" Counterparts about 3 years ago, and it nudged its way between the aforementioned albums for a place in my heart. CP now often sits atop the other 2. That album is bad ass....so much so that I want the nut and bolt for a tattoo...but it seems a little masculine. I will contemplate further while listening in the car shortly. :)
  8. It was classic Alex rant. Everything about it was perfection. He remained true to himself, totally stuck it to the Hall and their pompousness, without actually saying it, mimed the story of their journey pretty darn well, and made us laugh. Best thing ever!
  9. "We must suspend our disbelief and be entertained"
  10. I am also starting to lose patience with the ineptness of the FBI...however, they do leave it so that their repeated failures are just plausible enough. Not that I'd stop watching now! LOVE this show!
  11. A) We'll complain about setlists...Alex says so. B) RUSH are not metal, or bad boys, or ingrates...so it would have been juvenille to stick it to the Hall. They are gracious and accepted the "honor" accordingly.
  12. I love this video! Saw it yesterday and heard it on the radio this morning. Marketing. Genius.
  13. I've been away from the board a little while. It's going to take some getting used to. (I like the tinker toys too.)
  15. PAGS! Happy Anniversary you coolest of cats! Miss you wildly! Must hang again soon! xoxoxoxo
  16. Janie Janie bo-banie, Banana-fana fo-fanie Me-mi mo-manie, JANIE! Happy Birthday! I know it's very late, but I'm getting pretty deep into my 40s now, so...there you go. lol Hope it was lovely!
  17. I'm not sure I remember half of High School, and what I do remember is the highlights...basketball games, drivers ed, some of my teachers, smoking on the bus stop, the Prom, and of course, my friends. But not all my classmates, and there were only about 110 girls in my graduating class! Important, yes to start discovering things and learning and maturing, so do not squander it, but dont put so much darn pressure on yourself! Jeez. Have some fun! You have more goals and ideas than I had in my head when I was entering college. You sound level headed. Stay that way.
  18. I'll always be here, so long as they leave the light on. It may not be daily, or weekly...but I'll be here.
  19. My prayers are with him...what a terrible terrible thing. Life is, indeed, precious. I will pray to St Bernadette for his healing.
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