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    Akron OH
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    various forms of music, football, baseball, internet, and reading
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    Red Barchetta
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    Moving Pictures
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    Seeing the bowl lying before me of Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio, and realizing I was about to have what one might say would be a religious experience. My first show was in 77, in Passaic NJ, the Capitol Theater...Cheap Trick opened...then with my brother pulling a fast one, and making us leave as the guys tore into the opener, "Bastille Day". I was 16 and wasn't old enough to drive, but I got the tix... anyway that's history. Knowing no one could keep me from this show, this day, I was brought to tears of joy and anticipation. And the 30 some year wait? Forgotten in a single note, thanks to Alex leading in with Limelight!
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    Rage Against the Machine, Soundgarden, Zombie, Alice in Chains, many others
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  1. And thank you Kitty D (Baby) Cattstronaut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfqXnGHhcHM
  2. Thanks Old Fan LOL thanks very much!! Miss yer twisted captions man!
  3. AHHHHHHH HAAAAAAHHHHH Thank you! Obi Bob Kenobi. Can we get 73 to switch me from BOBNESS please?
  4. Thanks ILS HEY how is the peanut,,,,,, she's what 5 now??? Kindygarten time?
  5. ok and as GoaR runs offstage to his dressing room ya gotta wonder what mayhem awaits him there LOL
  6. when Miley Cyrus(background) thinks you're a freak, she might be right. Your dude is drunk and you OK a threesome like THIS?
  7. Thanks man! OK all, this one here's a liiiiiiitle different http://i64.tinypic.com/bj5mz7.jpg
  8. Geddy Lee at three years old on the right. His twin brother Teddy letting him know he f*cked up the words to Anthem yet again.
  9. She needs it put on HER head..... Although I liked BOTH a lot, I like the double entendre.... as if putting only ONE bag on her head would be enough. I wouldn't even THINK about it with YOUR member and EIGHT bags!! Go go Oldie!
  10. Well alrighty then thanks Mr G! http://i68.tinypic.com/o5awih.jpg try is here wun
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