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  1. Moved to MotS. Doesn't belong in MMM.
  2. Close to the Edge without question. Relocating to MotS.
  3. "I'd like to thank academy...." My anniversary celebrated with good old fashioned earthquake centered about 10 miles away. A mere 6.1. Good night California!
  4. Well my 10 year is in two days. Ten years later still ambivalent about the fracture. I still remember and will leave it at that.
  5. While I think he was brilliant in most of his roles I think I enjoyed him most as a talk show guest and as a stand up comic. The way he thought was so unusual and the way he connected seemingly unrelatable subjects was unmatched. His comedy was instinctual and in constant forward motion, it was dizzying at his height. I used to listen to his and Steve Martin's records repeatedly. Even though I knew those bits they were fresh every time.
  6. CygnusX-1Bk2

    Happy R40

    Not only is today Geddy's birthday it is also the 40th anniversary of Neil joining Rush.
  7. He's playing the J in the Limelight studio video, same for Vital Signs but the Ric in Tom Sawyer. I think the Ric is just on Sawyer and Barchetta because they were the first two they worked on then found the J in a pawn shop.
  8. Read the first page of this thread with regard to the first Tama kit. The red kit is still in possession of Robert Telleria or whatever his name is because the guy who sent them to him for refurbishing couldn't afford to pay for return shipping and some of the touch ups. Dude got in touch with the guy who made the paint for Neil and there was still some left. The reprint was from the original batch at least. Robert tracked Adam down and they've spoken several times in the phone.
  9. I didn't win, my friend Adam did. He was the first winner in 1982.
  10. I know exactly where the PW/MP/ESL kit is. Less than a few feet away.... ;)
  11. Hemispheres with the addition of Natural Science and Jacob's Ladder.
  12. CP is their best 90s album. The return of heavy guitar and bass. RTB was thin and dull. The writing on CP is more inspired and the performances more purposeful. They started changing their mode of operation with this album. This tour was the first one not to feature a first song from most albums but included Prelude (probably for the last time). Animate, Sun & Moon, Double Agent, Leave That Thing Alone and Everyday Glory are exceptional tracks. Overall this represents Rush getting back to being Rush after taking the edge off in the 80s. TFE is good but is the first of the "crushed to sh!t" sonic turds culminating in VT and CA. CP has some headroom.
  13. Merged the duplicate from MMM to here. No duplicates please. :) Your friendly neighborhood moderators.
  14. CygnusX-1Bk2


    WTF foes this have to do with gear? Relocating to Rush.
  15. You obviously have little knowledge of the production of Rush through this period. They were touring so much at the time that they booked time in the studio without having written anything then ended up eating the studio time getting little done. Then going back on the road, booking more time getting little more done and going back on the road until they blocked out enough time to write and record. They built on what they had done already, but scrapped a bunch of stuff then started over almost completely. They wrote this album as they went which is one reason why there is a 9 minute instrumental. Because of the way they made this record they changed their mode of operation moving forward with Permanent Waves which was written as part of sound checks then later blocked time to write before going into the studio which they still do.
  16. If you listen to the Black Forest or Pink Pop boots you can hear him struggling with it on the Hemispheres tour. There is no way for Terry Brown to know what keys Geddy can comfortably sing in. It's not his problem other than to keep moving forward. Geddy is responsible for vocal melodies and because they wrote it in the studio they probably didn't have finished lyrics to sing when they were writing the music. They probably had the structure before all the lyrics were completed. There are Neil interviews where he talks about changing lyrics for Hemispheres a lot, especially early on. After Hemispheres they began writing more around the lyrics than around riffs. Also if you listen to the riffs on Permanent Waves and Moving Pictures they are not as dense and lend themselves to lyrics more rhythmically. This all because of Hemispheres. If you listen to the Rush album you can hear loads and loads of riffs that were stuck together to make songs. Fly By Night is similar, but the songs are more focused. Even 2112 is really riff oriented but more thoughtful and deliberate and song structure is becoming more of a focus. Hemispheres is an iconic record. It is the Rush Fan's Rush Fan favorite where Moving Pictures is a more mainstream accessible piece. Caress of Steel is much harder to listen to for non Rush fans I think. Anyone who grew up during the 70s would know how ubiquitous Hemispheres was, in part because of the popularity of 2112. Topographic Oceans not so much.
  17. They did Prelude on the Counterparts tour. I have a boot from one of the shows (which is also on YouTube now). That was 94 and you could see him struggle trying to hit "The struggle of the ancients first began..." making a pained face and all. Still Hemispheres is their most creative record and pushes the bounds of what rock could be. To me it is their best record. La Villa is good, the Trees and Circumstances are great short tunes but Hemispheres is a masterpiece. It is their truly final long form effort. Couldn't have Permanent Waves or Moving Pictures without it.
  18. There was a period when it was hard to admit to liking KISS after 1978 or 79. Since the reunion that's all changed. I do have some odd stuff in my iTunes library like the Bee Gees, Duran Duran and Michael Jackson. But the Jackson's were awesome as kids and the solo stuff through Thriller is really good record making. The Bee Gees too, really good record making. Plus their career goes back to the 60s and their early hits are really good. Not embarrassed though.
  19. HYF was the first release where CD was the intended format. I believe Moving Pictures, Signals, Grace Under Pressure and Power Windows came out before as rereleases then Rush, FBN, CoS, 2112 and then the live albums (to that point, pre SoH). I bought HYF on CD the day it came out. Lent it to a friend and never asked for it back. Got it again as part of the sectors and reluctantly added it to iTunes recently. I think I still have the long boxes for the first set of rereleases.
  20. I was going to say this myself. The rerelease has it though which is nice.
  21. Yeah, that's one of the most curious ones there is. This is why NASA doesn't encourage cocaine use during a mission; it doesn't make one think clearly, apparently. I read the making of Rumours and the reason Silver Springs was left off was record length. The song was too long to fit on either side of the album and Stevie wouldn't let them edit it down. She was heart broken. Lindsey got the band to record one of her older songs I Don't Want To Know instead so she would have another song on the album.
  22. Buddy Rich and Louie Bellson at the University of Redlands in 1978. Amazing. Got Bob "Col. Hogan" Crane's autograph on the program. He was a drummer too and he died shortly afterward. First rock show was KISS at the Cow Palace November 25, 1979. Last tour of the original lineup. The Rockets opened and haven't been heard from since.
  23. Nice topic but solos are like Lay's potato chips; can't pick just one. Alex has his own category. My favorite though has got to be Camera Eye followed closely by all solos in Hemispheres. Still too many are so good especially between AFTK and PoW. By others I gotta add Hotel California and other Don Felder Eagle solos. One of These Nights is also especially good. I'm a huge Ace Frehley fan too and love the solo on 100,000 Years, Love Her All I Can and of course Detroit Rock City. Cowboy Song by Thin Lizzy has two great solos in it as does Romeo and the Lonely Girl also on Jailbreak. For Gilmour I love the harmony bits in Dogs with Snowy White. My head will explode just thinking about this topic...
  24. Touché! I only said that line was moronic. ;) And there wasn't much gentle about it. My rules apply only to me. I do appreciate the intelligent follow up!
  25. Rush is untrained (not that they didn't work hard nor hone their craft- they did not go to a school for music. There is a HUGE difference). Probably the best untrained band next to the Beatles. They play by instinct. Neil is the only one of them who can read notation. Geddy and Alex could not tell you what they are doing musically speaking. They do it naturally. When you listen to them you are hearing what comes out of them instinctually. They do not consider theoretical properties when writing. They play what comes out and it is good. They play loud and I am sure the cops shut them down on more than one occasion before they got big. Dream Theater is a band that went to the Berklee College of Music and they sound like a bunch of guys who went to Berklee. If I want to listen to intellectual exercises I will listen to Bach fugues. They spent all their time learning the rules and playing properly and you can hear it. The RRHOF is a sham. In baseball there are quantitative statistics that one can apply to every candidate once they are eligible. Not so for Rock and Roll unless you want to count record and ticket sales, records made, etc. but it isn't really the same is it because it's a popularity contest and not based on hard facts. It's interpretation. Much less Rock and Roll is supposed to be anti-establishment which is why a RRHOF is a joke. As for the moronic statement about my personal hall would include "a bunch of 23 year olds who overdosed that nobody ever heard of..." is not only stupid on the surface it also proves that the person who wrote it cannot read. You have heard of Jimmy Page right? I used him as an example. On the contrary, my hall most certainly would not include non rock artists first of all, including Jazz and would be for Elite bands who changed the landscape. I think some people have heard of a little band called the Beatles. Not exactly overdosing 23 year olds there. There are some heinous omissions still despite the inclusion of Rush and KISS this year and last year. It's for pioneers. ELP, Jethro Tull and or Cheap Trick are very good but not exactly pioneers. ELP and Tull have written some good songs but the masses did not exactly move because of them. I love Sweet but don't think they belong either. Again, it's not a Hall of the very good but great. ELP, Tull and Cheap Trick are good. Very good. But not great. Greatness is not easy to come by. Hell, I can't stand the Rolling Stones but I can't deny that they are one of the greatest bands of all time. This is why the RRHOF is lame. There are no hard/fast quantitative qualifications for entry.
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