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    My Faith/Family, DRUMS,DRUMS,DRUMS, Star Wars, Largemouth Bass Fishing, THE 1980`s, Dallas Cowboys,
    Staying in shape!!

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    Clockwork Angel's Tour/Va Beach
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    Taking my 9 yr old, "Rush fan" of a daughter to her first concert...R30. Watching her and my wife dance, jump, and sing...and screaming our favorite lyric, "For fifty odd years!!"
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    The Police, Primus...anything from the 80`s!!
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    Drums since age 5.
  1. On the way to church this morning, we were listening to Sirius Channel 27. They are playing Rush today. Listened and drummed to Twilight Zone, and Live Xanadu:) Then...the synth intro to 2112 revealed to me how POWERFUL the hurt still is!! More tears!!
  2. Rush fans are everywhere!! "We Have Assumed Control!!'
  3. Hello Rush Family. Been so very long since I've been on here. Glad to be back! Yesterday was tough, like for MANY of us Fans, Drummers, etc. Grown Men.....do cry! Neil touched us all in different ways. I've been a drummer since age 5. I first heard the Boys at age 10. I grew up like so many. Listening, Umpteen Tours, Posters, Studying Neil's Drumming, introducing family friends and co workers to Rush, naming children after bandmates, taking children to Rush Shows, and placing NLPEART on my license plates in 1995!! Let's all stay in touch even more. We are Family!! Love you guys!! Thanks for being here. Thanks for EVERYTHING Neil!!
  4. C`mon ya`ll....sound off!! Lets meet tomorrow in Va Beach!!! I`ll be wearing a black Rush/Rock n Roll Hall of Fame T-Shirt... Text me at 804-687-1364 Ya`ll take care
  5. Stop #2.....Jiffy Lube 9/9/12. One day before my 40th Birthday!! 3 days before Neil's I'm in Richmond, and i've been there for a few, of the many Rush Shows!!! Ya'll take care!!
  6. Hey Tarkus....thank you so much!!! Very excited!!! Take care!!
  7. Hey ya`ll.......got the email today re; the upcoming tour!!! 0ne day before my 40th Birthday!!!!!! Awesome!!! Well...we are officially divorced ......but are still very close...everything is fair, and the kids are doing very well. Just wanted to check in.....and i`m looking forwrd to all the tour talk!!!! I miss you all, and it feels good to be back home Ya`ll take care
  8. Thanks everyone!!!! It`s good to be back!!!! Ya`ll take care
  9. Hey ya`ll........it`s been a long while, and i wanted to stop by and say,"What`s up!!!" My wife and i separated in Jan. after almost 18yrs of marriage......and countless Rush Concerts together All is alot better than expected though. The kids are doing very well, we both remain very active with them, and we are still really close. And the kids witness our friendship often!!! No court...no custody hearings!!! Anywho.......didn`t get to catch any of the Time Machine Tour Just wanted to check in, and i`ll be around a bit more now!!! Ya`ll take care
  10. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e153/JohnF2112/P9200598.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e153/JohnF2112/P9200597.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e153/JohnF2112/P9200600.jpg http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e153/JohnF2112/P9200595.jpg My 13 year old daughter was inside taking out her braids that morning!!! I`ll get a few pics of her up in a day or so!! I hope all of my extended Rush family are doing well!! Enjoy the pics Ya`ll take care
  11. http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e153/JohnF2112/P9200601.jpg My boys outside throwing the football a little!!
  12. Thanks Owl..... Photobucket ate one of my pics http://i39.photobucket.com/albums/e153/JohnF2112/P1100075-1.jpg Ya`ll take care
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