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    Aurora, Illinois USA
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    Former college LB, and now coach (2 NFL retirees; SD Chargers & Buffalo Bills, 1 current Charger), 2 NFL bound (one at Stanford, one Buckeye), and 2 that might find a way from Iowa and Vandy.

    Former competitive Olympic lifter

    Yuengling Lager, craft beers.

    Jeeps (beautiful black Rubicon on steroids)

    Books, quite a library at the house.

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    Chicago: Clockwork Angel's
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    Earthshine (MiTa's version!)
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    the NEXT one!
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    skipping school 4th grade to hang out with the older kids (bad influence ;-)) and hearing Tom Sawyer for the first time. Life altering ...Life Altaring?
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    Into Yes, Grateful Dead, King's X, Tom Waits, the Ozrics, Ben Harper, Foo Fighters, Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, Primus.
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  1. IMO NOTHING sounds better than Kiel Auditorium shows, St Louis, Missouri, 14 February 1980 THIS is their ultimate sound, all 3 of them
  2. Chicago had a rain out and they gave us all a pretty cool hat, never heard of this though.
  3. Took a peak at your info ((because of your age 9 in '81 comment--->same here)) and noticed you're exactly 3 months older than me Yep, I ran with older kids and they were hooligans... We skipped school and went to a bowling alley behind my house and I heard Tom Sawyer, asked them and one of the guys said his SISTER was into them so I begged her for all of her records til I could get them from that 10 records for a penny club LOL!
  4. 1981, age 9, I'm not turning my back on them now. Yes, it was, is, and will always be RUSH #1, and Yes #2, forever....
  5. Is there a list compiled that anyone knows of that shows every video they ever made? I have been on the bus since 81, and I THINK I have seen them all... but I wonder after seeing this post.
  6. Watching as I type They are playing freewill right now I got to say that it was worth my time There are actually some things that they do musically that sound as good if not better than what our boys do imo...they take a few liberties here and there and most of the time pull it off in my opinion. Impressed. No one is gonna sound like Ged vocally so not gonna comment other than he wasn't bad. Hope you guys enjoyed as much as I did !
  7. I thought you should know that they will be on a tv show on AXS tv (I have this channel on directv) very soon. Sorry that I don't have better details, but I'm at work.
  8. He is who he is.... appreciate his drumming and his role in the band... but he and I see many things very differently. He will never have to worry about me running up to him because of who he is, I am pretty sure I would never want to engage him in a conversation (I gave his books a try lol!)
  9. I know I do not have any pics of me with them anymore :-( My mom threw everything out when I moved out and they downsized. My fault for not wanting to dig through basement... I was introduced to them from my buddy who went on to be a blue man, and somehow knew Jerry. Saw them at the Cubby Bear in Chicago for the first time, had to have been right around OOTSP. Man I wish I had those pics.
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