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  1. In Minnesota, I think the side seats are in the sections that they added when they pushed the stage back a full section due to the pace of initial sales when tickets first became available. The upper decks are still open near the back. The odd pair of floors and whatnot coming available is probably just the usual promoter hold-back on some decent tix to stimulate sales. I expect there to be the usual 8-10000 fans there. Last tour was right around 8000 at the Target Center iirc. EDIT: amalfc, do you have a % sold number for St. Paul? I'd love to know if you do, thanks.
  2. Problem is you have posts like johnnyonthespot's in this forum that NEEDS to be moved to the R40 Spoiler section that someone will invariably click on by accident. Soon I'll be getting emails from people about the setlist and this or that song and I'll have to avoid those too. Last tour three people sent me reviews of the first show, lol. I wasn't avoiding the setlist but if that happens this time I might be cooked. Never mind my friends in St. Paul that even if I tell not to share what they know about the setlist, song titles start slipping out anyway. Oh well. If it happens it happens.
  3. I wonder if this was a calculated setlist leak or if nobody actually thought about it when sending the VIP Swag out. It would have been pretty easy to send along a special coupon for the tourbook once you arrived that the venue, no?
  4. If not a medley to start, an encore medley like they did on the RTB tour would be cool. I don't see them not doing some sort of R30-ish style medley this time out...and I'm all for it. As far as an opener goes if not a medley, I would expect it to be something familiar, that they can play almost in their sleep...sort of an on-stage warmup for them to get into things. Subdivisions, SOR, Tom Sawyer, Limelight, all tunes they have played ad infinitum, have opened the last 4 tours. Good for them to ease into other stuff as the set moves forward, plus it gets a tune they are more or less sick of playing out of the way right off the bat.
  5. I was just about to ask if the tourbook was included with the swag, for exactly that reason.
  6. I looked at the pub date and it's from last October so I doubt it would be something used for this tour. I like the concept though.
  7. I dunno, there wasn't much more for them to say besides "Thank You", and it wasn't said in a way that made me think they were shooting a rolleyes smiley at me in their brains while doing it. I was just happy I had the presence of mind to tell them that on such a chance meeting.
  8. No Neil, just Geddy and Alex. Gump was travelling by himself insofar as I could see.
  9. I think a medley or two is inevitable. It's not like R30 was the first time they did one, their encore on the Roll the Bones Tour was an extended medley too.
  10. I was walking back to my hotel in Halifax in 2013 the day between their two shows there and happened upon Geddy and Alex walking near my hotel. It was about midnight or so. I recognized them from the back about ten feet away but my brain was trying to tell me that it wasn't possible it was actually them. I caught up with them and said Hi and told them how much I appreciated their music and how much it had meant to me. They both thanked me and continued on their way...by this time we were in front of my hotel down at the waterfront. It never dawned on me how noctournal being on a tour like that would make you. After all, you play in the evening until late, and then it takes time to decompress and "come down". It wouldn't be unusual for them to be up and kicking around half the night, same as anyone else with an afternoon or evening job. It was food for thought after the fact if nothing else. That was a pretty cool experience overall, and I'm happy I got a chance to meet them briefly and thank them like taht. As a Rush fan, is there anything else you would really want the chance to do in their presence? On my way out of town the day after the second show I also ran into Gump at the airport. Got to say hi to him as well, which was also pretty cool.
  11. In Canada we, of course, had Muchmusic. Countdown and a lot of other more obscure Rush videos got a lot of airplay, partially because it was Rush and partially because they needed to show a certain percentage of Canadian material to satisfy the CRTC. I always preferred Muchmusic to the bits of MTV I saw on friend's dishes back then, it seemed more down-to-earth in presentation than it's American forerunner.
  12. If they didn't move the whole floor up people would complain them to death. I would think they will add more floor seats in the back if anything.
  13. The seating charts for Toronto via TM now show them selling seats behind the original cutoff points on the sides that were showing during the presale, effectively somewhat behind the stage. That can be right, can it? Sitting behind any sort of salvageable viewpoint?
  14. I will probably try to not look since I'm attending the third show (St. Paul), and that isn't an unreasonable wait. Spoilers are everywhere, however, be it from my friends going to the show talking about it, or a radio station actually handing out the setlist to people coming into the arena...very hard to avoid even in the shortest of bursts. By May 8th I may change my mind, but I'm gonna try to go without knowing this time out. We'll see how that goes.
  15. I think the best thing for me might be that the St. Paul show is close enough to the start of the tour that I can realistically stay away from setlist spoilers (if I choose to do so), and actually experience the set without knowing what's next. I doubt that will work out quite like that unfortunately, I remember being at a few venues where people were handing out copies lf the setlist outside the venue before the shows started, and half the people standing around you even in the concourse will know what it is and be talking about it. But it might be worth a shot anyway. I went to see the Counterparts Tour in 1994 cold and not knowing what was next was pretty cool.
  16. Probably an R30-style medley right off the bat again.
  17. It took a long time but I scored two in Row 10 on the floor on Alex's side for St. Paul. Good enough! Best I've done in a presale since 2007. I just have to wait to figure out if seats 9 and 10 are closer to the end of the row or closer to the middle of the row. I never remember how they run the seat numbers on the floor there.
  18. I'll be in St. Paul. To be clear, the on-sale date listed is January 30th..is that the regular ticket date or the pre-sale date?
  19. I had great luck first time I tried a presale back in 2007...9th row center in St. Paul. I've never sniffed anything close since. I assume I got really lucky because I've been so far off anything remotely good since then. I'll give it a go but if I can't get something I want, I'll suck it up and pay for seats I want through whatever outlet has them.
  20. Nice idea, but you don't really want that if you want all the majesty of the preamble to the song to have a chance to get played. If it were to open, it would probably kick right in from the opening riffs without the preamble (or a very, VERY abbreviated version of it attached). To get the full majesty of that song it has to be a little later in the set, IMO...maybe even a set-closer. Would be a great opening song if we could guarantee the full intro into it, no doubt.
  21. I'd like confirmation that this disc will also be available on the blu-ray release. The link went to a note about the dvd but did not mention a blu ray version.
  22. Just an FYI for those going...I was contemplating taking the drive to Duluth (4 hours) to see the show on the big screen (I did this for Time Machine and it was excellent on the big screen). Then, I read this on the Radio.com website regarding their exclusive dvd preview starting on Thursday: I would have been exceptionally pissed if I got there and these four songs were edited out. Just an FYI, sorry if this has been discussed somewhere else. More info up on the RIAB website regarding this Thursday's exclusive dvd song releases on that website.
  23. It was intentional, he did it the entire tour.
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