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    r30 st louis
  1. Chris H isn't -- https://www.periscop...xRIvnHEwBJrMA== No video but pretty good sound good i thought something was up with my computer
  2. i did it once for the r30 show. i had the same worries so i showed up 1:30 early to make sure i was near the front to get in (first scaned)
  3. limbo

    ha, ha, ha

    KQRS here in the Twin Cities just played The Spirit of Radio followed by Dr. Hooks Cover of the Rolling Stones. It was a good laugh
  4. it seams that they are sound checking this at most the venues. I wonder if this will be their exit song on the last date. with this being the last big tour. you know making the song about them.
  5. limbo

    Rush books

    Is their a book out there that is mainly pics of the band through out their career?
  6. they will take them away about a week before the show. than sell them at face value. that is what they did here in mn.
  7. to be fare that stuff was 30 bucks 20 years ago
  8. personally i would really like to see 2 songs from every studio album.
  9. Wish they would record in MN. The excel was built for concerts first hockey second. The sound is amazing.
  10. The R40 Tour will be available in Europe on DVD. sorry had to
  11. Do not quote me but I believe they will move the whole floor up then add in the back rows this only makes sense because of the platinum and gold sales I can not see them screwing those people over but then again it is ticket bastered
  12. they just moved the stage back and opened up the new sections. keeping my nose bleed seats. i have to i got kids in college. last tour i would have up graded.
  13. Just wondering, in MN we do not have the ability to pick are own seats. When they go on sell does it make it easier to get good seats? Instead of relying on the randomness of you get what comes up or throw them away to try again.
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