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  1. Chris H isn't -- https://www.periscop...xRIvnHEwBJrMA== No video but pretty good sound good i thought something was up with my computer
  2. i did it once for the r30 show. i had the same worries so i showed up 1:30 early to make sure i was near the front to get in (first scaned)
  3. limbo

    ha, ha, ha

    KQRS here in the Twin Cities just played The Spirit of Radio followed by Dr. Hooks Cover of the Rolling Stones. It was a good laugh
  4. it seams that they are sound checking this at most the venues. I wonder if this will be their exit song on the last date. with this being the last big tour. you know making the song about them.
  5. limbo

    Rush books

    Is their a book out there that is mainly pics of the band through out their career?
  6. they will take them away about a week before the show. than sell them at face value. that is what they did here in mn.
  7. to be fare that stuff was 30 bucks 20 years ago
  8. personally i would really like to see 2 songs from every studio album.
  9. Wish they would record in MN. The excel was built for concerts first hockey second. The sound is amazing.
  10. The R40 Tour will be available in Europe on DVD. sorry had to
  11. Do not quote me but I believe they will move the whole floor up then add in the back rows this only makes sense because of the platinum and gold sales I can not see them screwing those people over but then again it is ticket bastered
  12. they just moved the stage back and opened up the new sections. keeping my nose bleed seats. i have to i got kids in college. last tour i would have up graded.
  13. Just wondering, in MN we do not have the ability to pick are own seats. When they go on sell does it make it easier to get good seats? Instead of relying on the randomness of you get what comes up or throw them away to try again.
  14. hire a baby sitter. relative, neighbor, ect
  15. please explain how this works
  16. limbo

    geddy lee speak easy

    i took the times and dates from the speakeasy web site http://speak-easy.tv/episodes/geddy-lee-interview-michael-chabon/
  17. here are stations and the times they listed for this airing WGVU Grand Rapids February 8 @ 11:00pm (NOTE: on Life Channel as well February 15th @ 10pm) KLCS LA February 9th @ 10:00pm KVCR LA February 11th @ 8:00pm Nashville PTV Nashville February 12th @ 11:00pm WTTW Chicago February 12th @ 10:00pm WFYI Indianapolis February 14 @ 4:00pm Portland, OR February 21st – Time TBD KBTC Seattle February 26th @ 10:00pm WUSF Tampa February 27th @ 9:00pm WLIW New York March 7th @ 11:10pm KQED San Francisco- March (check local listings)
  18. I would not want rush to play this event. In order to play the half time show artist have to place a bid then they are selected. I do believe that Katie perry payed 12mil. For this opportunity . Not to mention production cost. Just a hug wast of money to me. If your willing to do this id feather see the same amount go to charity instead of wasting it on a wealthy corporation like the nfl.
  19. Same thing here. But when they went on sell to the public for St. Paul I was at work. Had to buy mine around 3 o'clock. Only nose bleed left
  20. that is because it is using your routers address to block you. Your phone does not run off your router but it can still be blocked by the phone number. the block will usually last 24 hours.
  21. No MN date. Looks like I have to site this leg out. :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:
  22. nice find. The fact that the name of some of the songs are wrong should have tipped you off, as a bootleg
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