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  1. New album artwork: http://files.teamrock.com/images/696d616765-55674b4180ae30.26279584/640x640.jpg
  2. Where did you read that? I've heard the exact opposite. And wouldn't this still be early to see how he's responding?
  3. https://www.periscope.tv/w/V0ZSQTI4NzE5MzZ8MTQzMTk0MjQ4B3ut5kEP2HGoBiS_C8oJPvQgmF7Roeo_NWLkFannag==
  4. An ounce a day? Don't you mean a lid? is this pedro de pacas? no one calls it a lid anymore No one's consuming that amount every day either ;) Not even Snoop Dogg :smoke: :smoke:
  5. True, but if the folks in front of me are standing, and if I were to sit and couldn't see Rush, wouldn't I choose to stand? Not suggesting you shouldn't stand...your 2 options in that situation would be to stand yourself or ask the folks in front of you to sit. Personally, I'll always take option A. The problem could occur, though, when the people behind want to sit and decide to be less professional about the situation. IMO...people should expect that people stand at concerts and plan accordingly. Unless you're going to see Itzak Perlman or something, it should be the norm.
  6. https://www.periscope.tv/w/V0OcEjIzNzk5MTF8MTM3NTAwNjPd6dI9OLtf1jwNxjMAY6Kpdp6OHP7QPf1HcJ1Y9FamEA==
  7. I was pretty much the same in terms of losing interest around Lullabies...but Like Clockwork brought me back in a i way. My favorite album of 2013.
  8. Shouldn't we be more concerned with what the people BEHIND us are doing instead of in front? Who cares if the people in front of you are sitting if the folks behind are standing and you won't interfere with anyone's enjoyment?
  9. I've got all the reissues so far and have none of those problems. One had a tear in the sleeve, which I exchanged, no problem. Otherwise no warps, surface noise, pops, clicks, etc.
  10. http://www.cruiselawnews.com/uploads/image/Bermuda%20Reefer%20Madness.jpg
  11. Oh, you said "a" highpoint instead of "the." I was ready to ask if better than, Jacobs, Cygnus, Xanadu, Presentation, et al ;) Different kind of highpoint, but yeah - when the curtain came up on second set and I saw Alex's wall of speakers...Geddy's wall of speakers...Neil on the replica kit...it was super exciting. Also, consider that my reference was Tulsa. No one knew exactly what was about to happen apart from band and crew.
  12. Obviously someone is messing with the seller.
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