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  1. I remember the excitement of getting the new Rush. I was in the Minneapolis airport. Felt a little guilty getting the 'pirated' version but not really as I knew I was gonna be buying it on cd anyways. That was always the part that made it fine for me too, I knew I was going to buy it on release day, so grabbing pirated/shared songs and snippets beforehand was perfectly ok for me.
  2. Yeah I could. I don't get why Vital Signs wasn't blocked, but this one is. ...and why block it? anyone tuned into this project's release at this point is buying it even if they put 90 percent of the concert on youtube.
  3. **Video not available in my country** I'm in Canada FFS....unreal
  4. So how quick is the 3 cd edition actually gonna ship to people? The shipping options are 7-21 days for 13 bucks additional and 60 bucks for 4-5 day delivery? WTF Ridiculous
  5. So how much different will this Blu Ray Audio be from the 30th anniversary version? I'm interested in that if it's going to be different somehow, but the rest of the stuff outside the new concert isn't a big deal for me. If it's realy going to be that different and that's the only way to get it though...sigh
  6. Rush shoutout on Good Morning Football this morning, one of the hosts quoted some of the chorus from Subdivisions when looking at highlights of Cooper Rush from Dallas throwing a TD to Amari Cooper. Kinda cool.
  7. It was, I still have a copy or two on a vhs and a dvd someplace I'm sure that I taped off the channel back in the day. I remember it was a very "WTF" moment when I saw the edited version out there and not the full one.
  8. The thing with syntesizers and samplers is that you can manipulate almost any sound to make the base sound unrecognizable. A buddy of mine took a bass note on a little cheap sampler once and turned it into something nobody would guess was a bass note. Someone with the access to effects and equipment to make effects at the level of Geddy back then could have sampled a door slamming and turned it into those sounds. So it could literally be anything. Maybe Alex was humming along to the synth in the studio once and Geddy got the idea to sample it and mess around with it, who knows?
  9. I have to laugh. You remind me of myself. Listening to music with a fine-tooth comb - what's this? what's that? :lol: LOL I do this sometimes too...I loved listening to the quiet part before the guitar solo in Open Secrets, for example, and listening to the various instruments and effects layered in there.
  10. It had been played live before, but it had been a very long time...decades.
  11. I don't have a sub but I was able to read it. It's excellent.
  12. I don't expect anything new in this sort of field to be released by them, honestly. A year off is probably a relief for those putting it out, now they can release the same thing next August and, with a two year gap, a lot of people that may have skipped it might go now.
  13. That's the one that has always stood out for me too. And, no matter what people might think of it, "The Big Wheel" seems like EXACTLY the kind of song off RTB that they would have wanted to play live on at least that tour.
  14. Which night? Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday two shows per night in T Bay for some reason, Not sure why but I'm not complaining!
  15. I ran into Geddy and Alex by accident walking back to my hotel in Halifax in 2013, the night between the two shows. When I realized who they were, I engaged them in some minor banter about shopping at midnight on a Wednesday (never dawned on me that their internal clocks on tour would be of a 4-12 variety so sleep wouldn't come at "normal" hours so to speak...). They were polite enough for sure, as we got to the front of my hotel (on the waterfront), I thanked them for so many years of entertainment and they said thanks back for saying it. Then they continued down the street into the night...god only knows where they were going as it seemed out of the realm of the waterfront area and more like it was moving towards residential space. I imagine they knew or heard of an out of the way watering hole and were checking it out. The whole thing didn't take long but I was grateful that I met them in a natural environment and had a chance to thank them for so many years of music, which is all I could ever really ask for. I'm not a "star gazer" so to speak, and would never have interacted with them unless it was random and accidental, like this was. It was very cool, and both Geddy and Alex were also very cool with me.
  16. He has been there. I've seen him on TV at several games. I do believe less this year than others, you are right, but he has been there.
  17. I miss that there will be no more coming. Rush trips were a staple of mine for so long, replacing those trips with something else will take time. But it'll happen.
  18. Works for me. It sounds to me like something that shouldn't be there but with Rush maybe they left it in on purpose. You never know.
  19. Also, in the song "Presto", just before Geddy sings "The evening plane rises up from the runway...", there is a weird noise, almost sounds like an old man mumbling a "ruuurrr" sound. Again, very brief, but noticeable. It doesn't sound like an instrument to my ear. Maybe an odd bass note?
  20. That is one thing about Power Windows and Hold Your Fire, with the elaborate keys there seems to be a ton of little things hidden on those albums, be it by design or just by the layers of sounds masking other sounds. Always a fun listen and I can sometimes still find little things here and there I hadn't heard before (or had forgotten were there) so many years later.
  21. The softer part after the second chorus in "Open Secrets!", after Geddy says "Let it Go..." with just the lingering synth notes playing...the music between that and when he starts the lyrics again with "I find No Absolution..." has a ton of interesting sounds and music playing...keyboard, piano, possibly an odd guitar riff. I used to isolate that short piece on my CD player with the A/B repeat function (Damn great feature back in the day if you were a Rush fan) and listen to it a lot. Through a good set of headphones I imagine those sounds would be there with even more clarity. At the end of the second chorus of "Time Stand Still", between "longer" and the start of Neil"s drum roll, there is a little guitar sound that is very unique to my ear. Very short, hard to explain in words. Just one of those odd little noises you hear that because it's Rush you think is probably there on purpose. The remastered intro to The Camera Eye is a favourite as well, with all the original sounds included. That intro makes so much more sense with all of that included. At the end of Grand Designs, just before Neil's last little role before the Keys are all that is left, there is a noise that sounds like someone bumped something with a mic. barely there, but it's there. I don't know what it is exactly and it's almost not there, it's so quiet and brief.
  22. I've got 10th row floor Alex's side and I have a spare if anyone is interested. Face value is all I want. Could meet up later to flip the ticket at the excel or at Tom Reid's. If interested email me at wfsucs@yahoo.com It's the seat next to me but I'm harmless. :)
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