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  1. I thought about that one also but it looks too much like he's taking a dump...
  2. Ah, so I can arrive 7 minutes late? You got good seats?? I'll keep 'em warm for ya...
  3. Where is the 'I bow to you emoticon?' I don't remember seeing that Justin but I really think you nailed it. It would give a chance to do the bass opener to a dark stage and then they would burst onstage and just tear it up for 7 minutes. I know CA is not everyone's favorite but I really think HL would fire up the audience right out of the gate and I can't think of a better place for it in the setlist and YOU KNOW they like it and want to play it and you know they WILL play it. For me I'm thinking: BEST. OPENER. EVER.
  4. I'm not feeling an R40 medley as an opener. They themselves have said they don't like to do what's already been done, and I for one didn't think the R30 medley was all that memorable. It was great to hear some ghost riffs from the past but just as you were starting to get into it, it turned into something else. I would take two songs from the vault over another 8 minutes of mish-mash any day.
  5. Hey anybody done and have feedback on the Anthem Records Tour in Toronto such as they do for RushCon? I'll be there at that time this year yet I would have to drag a couple non-believers (read 13/15 Y.O. EDM freaks) along for the full fare (65ea for the day) and we won't be staying into the evening. From what I have seen it looks like a bunch of gold records on the wall but other than that is there any more intrigue?
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