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  1. What Just Happened. How could you take a cast of Robert DeNiro, Sean Penn, and Bruce Willis and make such a pike of dog excrement? Horrible. I want that time back
  2. Getting a total of 90 minutes of sleep last night.
  3. HOT!!! 37C or higher depending on whose thermometer you believe. Send som of that cold air down here!
  4. I finally got logged back in to TRF after an absence of several months (nobody noticed obviously) and get to see the random drivel you folk are still producing. Why did I return, I ask myself?
  5. I assume you’re referring to Alex wearing that paper bag on his head and scaring the girls out of Gene Simmons room? ������ I've never heard that story if you're being serious (though it sounds like something Alex would do). I'm just saying that a bunch of guys who have been away from their significant other and/or wife and/or kids much of the time during their 20's and 30's definitely have some regrets...."I can learn to resist anything but temptation". If you’ve never heard the stories about The Bag, do look them up. Alex can do weird things
  6. The complete opposite of the above: Dumb and Dumber. I hand nkeverseen it and watched Jeff Daniels in ITAS and thought why not. About what I expected
  7. How could I forget Hoodoo Gurus and Icehouse? They are two of my favourites!
  8. INXS, Men at Work, Crowded House, Cold Chisel, Powderfinger, Eskimo Joe, Hunters and Collectors. Then Mondo Rock, Mental as Anything, the Models, Silverchair, Australian Crawl (was just listening to James Reyne live in the car)
  9. Imagine what it was like when he was elected to Parliament and was the Minister for the Environment. (Didn’t last long)
  10. The death of Tom Petty knocked me sideways. I just couldn’t (still can’t) come to terms with the idea of him being gone. Too young. Too vital. His music seemed to always be there somewhere in the background. I played the Wilburys at my husband’s memorial service. Yes there are other names on that list which are important but none like him
  11. Quarks because I don’t understand particle physics
  12. I hate: Baked beans (make me vomit) Men who talk down to women like we couldn’t possibly know anything Having my body fall apart Not being able to drive fast cars and having no place to drive them legally if I had one Bad drivers, like those who drive too slow, don’t use turn signals, get in the fast lane and drive slow Scarey movies. Yes, I’m a wimp when gore and monsters and bad things start happening But I love kittens!
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