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  1. I love Absolution. I plan on buying this sometime this weekend. I like 'Psycho' and the radio here is already overplaying 'Dead inside'.
  2. Finally making my way around the board since I'm new here, thought I would get my post count up a little bit! ;)
  3. Wow! I remember watching this concert when I was 13 or 14 on Night Flight on USA Network. One of my favorite concerts EVER and I have it on VHS. Need to buy the DVD.
  4. Another one of my favorite bands. Have yet to see them in concert. I will next time around!
  5. July 23 - Kid Rock in Dallas. A friend of mine couldn't find anybody to go with her so I told her I would go and plus its a road trip! We saw him in concert here a couple years back. Aug 10 - Def Leppard/Tesla in OKC. This is tentative right now but I really want to go. Oct 9 - Def Leppard/Tesla/Foreigner. Here in Tulsa and I already got tix for that.
  6. I saw them a couple years ago here in Tulsa, it was my first time seeing them (been a fan for years) and they were great! I can't remember the exact details but DLR was telling a story and he saw a young girl within the first couple rows laughing and he said to her 'Oh I wouldn't be laughing I might be your father!' The arena turned off the AC before they came onstage.
  7. I'm a newbie to the board...I'm 43/Female. That just reminded me of the old A/S/L thing that people in chat rooms back in the 90s would say! Anyway, just saying Hello!
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