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  1. They had a Tom Petty channel up within days of his death. Sucks I cannot get channel 717. I have Stern, but no Rush? There is no victory here. Sirius should have replaced the "Dead" channel with the Rush channel!
  2. Sorry man. I thought it was virgin material. Mods can remove.
  3. AXSTV "Reel to Real" Direct TV. Channel 340. Early bar days to glory days. I just ran across it while channel surfing. 2.25 hour long documentary. Figured this group might find it interesting. I have it set on the DVR. You may want to do the same. Enjoy!
  4. I hate southern rock. I change the station immediately and when its played and in the local bar I go to, I cringe. As I gaze out to the bar patrons, they are singing to each song and know every word. The closest thing to southern rock I like is Tom Petty. But that's where it ends.
  5. I posted that song in the cheesy thread last week. I think thats why I remembered it. Thanks!
  6. Turn of the Century - Yes. Its been in my head for a couple days now.
  7. As I get older, I find myself having to hide my tears as they come very easy. Its most always music that does it to me. Memories, stuff like that. I had one guy tell me to go and have my testosterone checked. I told him to go have his heart checked.
  8. Of course, not all people who are prescribed opioids for pain become addicted. Of course there are a lot of people helped by them. I wouldn't try to mislead anyone to think that that's where I'm coming from. However, I do think there may be a certain degree of collusion between big pharma and health care providers. And there are more people who become addicted just in terms of probability, in terms of the numbers of prescriptions that are written for them. I think non-pharmaceutical solutions within the realm of palliative care are welcome things, that's all. I agree in some respects with both of you. Today doctors are under a microscope more than they were in the past. Owing to big Pharma pales in comparison to losing your medical license. From what I see, more doctors are NOT giving out prescriptions for pain as they know its a possible issue. Not only with the patient, but with them. Today most opioids are generic and the big boys no longer own the rights to these drugs. There is little financial gain for doctors writing prescriptions that several manufactures produce and bring to market. The exception is Oxycontin. Its still a brand name drug and has been on the market since the 90's. Most patients cannot afford this drug so other more price friendly alternatives are available. Pain meds are used to treat acute and chronic pain. Both may be used simultaneously if required. The latter (chronic) could last ones lifetime. And that does not mean they will have negative side effects. Pain meds are classed for acute pain and long term chronic pain. Used properly, these drugs can be as safe as Advil and maybe even safer than acetaminophen.
  9. Not all people that require opioid pain medications exhibit negative consequences or medical problems like overdose. Of course addiction is present in any case where the medicines are prescribed for chronic pain and or cancer over lengthy or indefinite periods of time. There are people who have and still take these medicines so the can live better lives, be able to work and have increased mobility. Just because the nation is in an opioid frenzy does not mean there are not medical uses for the medicines. Not everyone dies and not everyone has unwanted consequence with the use of these medicines. Just because we see documentaries showing the negative effect of opioids does not make it the case for everyone. To lump all opioid use together would be short sighted even though all we see on TV are the negative consequences. Ever see a TV show about how these medicines help people? That's right No. I am not denying we have a serious problem with these types of meds. But there are people who require them. They do not need to be chastised in the public forum.
  10. Could be the best song they ever did? Especially live when they can improvise!!!!!
  11. I just bought the Live at Fillmore West. With Howie Epstein on bass. RIP Howie. Very good DVD. I also read his biography by Warren Zanes. Book was okay, but got a little boring. He seems like a great guy to work with.
  12. The 1977 debut album is essential. It's simply an incredibly impressive debut. You also can't lose with either In Color or Heaven Tonight. Also, Cheap Trick 1997 is kind of a rebirth. That album came out of nowhere. Just get all three. Thanks. I'm on it!
  13. Cheap Trick is sure getting some love from TV these days. They were on a morning show and Directv is showing the LA concert and has it as a special program. I have recorded it, but have yet to hear it. I have a renewed interest, similar to what happened with Yes a few weeks ago. Several years ago, I received a Christmas present from my sister. It was an external hard drive loaded with all kinds of music. Mostly rock. There was no band I though was not present. Guess what, only one album by CT and its the live at Budokon. So I kinda was pissed. It looks like i may have to buy some stuff. Any suggestions for top albums? Or links to music? TIA.
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