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  1. Hmmm. The F# for YYZ and Hemishpheres!
  2. The RTB/CP kit. I just wish there were more details pics of it.
  3. 90's for me. It fit him better as he got older than it did 20 years earlier.
  4. Rush Fly by night Caress of steel 2112 All the worlds a stage Rush through time Moving pictures Exit stage left Signals Gup That's it I think. Trying to get my hand on the archives set. Kinda hard being unemployed lol.
  5. Middletown Dreams. I love the chorus but I love in the last chorus how geddy changes how he songs "dreams transport the ones who need to get out of town" serous, I get chills every single time. Partly why I was disappointed when I saw em in Raleigh and they didn't play it.
  6. It always reminded me of the three stooges. Dunno why.
  7. "hey that's fake glass!" Haha classic
  8. Just noticed that myself haha. I always thought that it was a nuke torn town. No clue it was a wave of water. I thought a nuclear wave. Hmm. Guess I need to pay a bit more attention.
  9. Lol fair enough. I mean from a drumming standpoint, they're fun but listening is different. I haven't played it in over 2 years. It's still higher than Rush on my list though haha.
  10. /\ Thank you! I had to explain to my fiance when we first got together how my love for Rush was. She didnt understand it. She's a huge country fan. Then I took her to see Rush in Raleigh in May and she went nuts. Now she's as big of a fan that I am. Perfection lol.
  11. Hmm not an easy choice but here goes... Analog Kid Circumstances Middletown Dreams Jacob's Ladder Caravan Cold Fire Big Wheel By-Tor and the Snow Dog Open Secrets Entre Nous Limbo Everyday Glory Celing Unlimited Far Cry Drum Solo Limelight Natural Science Broons Bane-Closer to the Heart-Xanadu Hemispheres Book II Encore Tom Sawyer-Red Barchetta-Spirt of Radio Cygnus X-1 Superconductor-YYZ
  12. Quite simply. "The soundtrack of my life. Music that will always make shitty days better. The reason why I have been playing drums for almost 2 decades."
  13. Hey guys, going through my endless collection of pictures, I have found out that I can only find ONE picture of the rear kit that Neil used for T4E, ya know the 2 acoustic bass drums with the Ddrum pads. Ive been searching but to no avail. Does anybody here have any good pictures of the rear of the kit? Like I said, the only one ive found was the picture that was in the Vapor Trails tourbook. Thanks guys! :Neil:
  14. Honestly I cant stand most of T4E except for T4E, Driven, Limbo, Half The world, Resist and Virtuallity. Other than that, they're just filler songs to me. I dunno what it is. If its the production, the song writing or what, but it just seems inferior to the other 90's albums.
  15. ASOH is my favorite although I love ESL and GUP. I just wish they were longer and not cut! I would kill to see a full version of either of the 2 on DVD.
  16. My T4E shirt. I didnt attend the show (became a fan in 2000) but I found it a year later. A few holes in the pits but nothing major. Quick question, why is it so hard to find a Counterparts shit with the cover logo on there? Ive found ONE in 2 years of searching and the seller wanted $300 for it. What gives?
  17. HUGE Petty fan. Ive wanted to see him live for the longest time. I missed him in Raleigh a few years back. Very disappointed. It's a shame about Stan Lynch not being in the band and not having been for almost 20 years. IMHO, Stan was a ginormous part of the Heartbreakers.
  18. I agree. Ive played in a few speed metal bands where 16th and 32nd notes were required in the songs but I was never happy with it. Id rather be in a band where I could use other chops instead of all feet and no hands. Learning the heel toe was the best thing ive ever decided to learn. It helps out so much more than I originally thought. Thank you Jojo Mayer.
  19. Just found out about this the other day. Sad sad day. Amazing drummer. Rip.
  20. Limelight. For sure. I love the chorus vocals and I love the China cymbal hit in the middle of the chorus. Its always gave me chills.
  21. That's awesome. id love something like that. Goes great with my other Rush dogtags :-P
  22. Personally I like the look of the cardboard cases compared to the jewel cases. I've broken too many jewel cases in the past. Im super clumsy with things like that so it works out better in the end for me haha.
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