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  1. I've noticed this as well, just watching videos on youtube and such....it just 'feels' or looks different....I dunno, they look more bummed to me
  2. Wow, I don't want to be that guy, but it just looks like they aren't having as much fun anymore :/
  3. Does everyone think the band is capable of another original release?
  4. Awesome! I live in Nova Scotia and many times i've considered heading to Meductic to check out the factory.
  5. I don't want to speak for everyone here but a general consensus would be that this is when the band went synth heavy and deviated from their very guitar driven rock roots. The songs became shorter and sounded very different from alot of the previous stuff. Personally I think Power Windows is brilliant and have fav songs on Hold Your Fire. People talk about the different eras of Rush (cock rock of the 70's, fantasy epics of the late 70's, PW/MP/Signals era, Synth eras..) but I absolutely love all of them and find incredible songs in each 'era' if you will.
  6. Hey Everyone! This post may come off as rather odd or weird but I wanted to get this down because I have been thinking about it for quite a while. Please don't argue with me and say the band is still in 'their prime'. I saw the Clockwork Angels tour and it blew my face off - it was amazing. For the purposes of this post I am talking about the earlier years (release of Moving Pictures, etc etc) I am a relatively 'new' fan. I am 31 years old - most of the band's material was released before I really got into them and dove into their entire catalog. That being said, whenever I watch older videos like the Limelight or Tom Sawyer vids from LeStudio I get this overwhelming feeling of sadness mixed with nostalgia that I will never know what it was like to hear those albums when they were released - never see those tours when they happened, etc. I can only experience the band in that era via the catalog of music and watching old videos on YouTube. I know what you might be thinking: "he shouldn't feel sad listening to Rush! They are amazing and the music should be celebrated!". This is true and believe me I feel this. I am just taking a moment to whine and wish I was around when those albums were fresh and totally new at the time. Does anyone want to chime in on this? What it was like to run out and buy those albums when they were released, see those tours, so on and so forth!
  7. I agree with point #1 - I was disappointed with the 2.0 sound on the bluray - drums are buried. However, I don't agree with points #2 &3 - Time Machine was even worse. Hrmmm Im listening to Time Machine 1080P rip right now and I can hear literally every drum hit and tom fill.
  8. This. The mix is really crappy. Neil being so buried just kills it for me.
  9. I personally find the 2.0 bluray mix to be terrible. The guitar is very present, the drums are buried deep in the mix (barely audible). It's one of the worst mixes I've heard in a Rush concert release film. I find Time Machine and Snakes and Arrows absolutely destroy this one. Sucks.
  10. I agree. This kinda sucks and sounds raw and unpolished. Much prefer the original.
  11. Signals and Power Windows are two PHENOM albums. Probably my favorite era of the band.
  12. Yeeah..... Are there any making of clockwork angels videos out there?
  13. S&A is an amazing record and it's very high up in my overall Rush album spins. I personally find the production quality of this record to be probably the best of all their albums.
  14. I very much dislike T4E. It's the only Rush album I don't listen to. I think Vapor Trails is brilliant in comparison. The lyrics of T4E are awful and I find the production and tones (drum recordings, guitar sounds, etc) to be very very bad. Just not a fan of T4E at all.
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