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    Rush, techno/house/trance music, Rush, reading, video games, computers and gadgets, programming, piano, Rush, weightlifting, pizza, Cheez-Its, Rush, football, anything I find funny on TV, puzzles, Rush, learning new and interesting things, anything that challenges my intellect or body, oh, and I like this little Canadian rock band called "Rush", you've probably never heard of them...

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    April 10, 2011 Time Machine stop @ Madison Square Garden, NYC
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    My second actual concert was my first since I became a super-fan. It was amazing to be able to sing along with Geddy in person (and his "RASH" shirt was funny as hell). Other than that, just listening on my iPod.
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    Faunts, Linkin Park, Tenacious D, Van Halen, a little Pink Floyd. But electronic music is my favorite. Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, Professor Kliq, Josh Wink, and on and on forever...
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    Piano, soon to be violin as well
  1. That's My Boy Back to his raunchy humor. Looks alright for a few good laughs. Watch for the starman in the trailer.
  2. That's My Boy Adam Sandler's car in the trailer has a huge starman with RUSH painted on the hood. Also, Rex Ryan.
  3. I meant wtf as in "why has this not been made yet????" it does look awesome
  4. This is a real movie: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter trailer
  5. I met our cool TC, RGLT at Stout NYC for the MSG show. He was a really cool dude, and he talked with me and my dad (I was 18) about the band, and getting me into Rush at a young age. Definitely my pick. And Hey, he gave us free buttons!
  6. True-story legal drama following Chris Evans (yes, Captain America) as a drug-addicted lawyer taking on a medical case involving a nurse stuck by a needle accidentally. Highly recommend renting from netflix or something, Evans' performance is top-notch, message sent is very poignant and has a kick-ass credits song: Silversun Pickups - Rusted Wheel
  7. I voted yes because their playing ability has noting but increased over time. Yes, Ged's vocals would be different. but it would be a fresh perspective.
  8. As stated countless times before, Rush is too good for that shithole.
  9. IMO they should have recorded the MSG show. It was fruckin HEAVENLY
  10. QUOTE (Jack Aubrey @ Jan 10 2005, 11:49 AM) When in the shower, 75% of people wash from top to bottom. I am the 25% #OccupyTheBathroom
  11. QUOTE (GhostGirl @ Nov 1 2011, 12:40 PM) Yeah, see, that's the problem. People WATCH this shit. People LIVE for this utter shit. I hear about it all the time at work, etc. "Oh, did you see last night's 'Real Housewives of Bumfuck, Montana'?" If people didn't watch, it wouldn't be on. So, I don't know how to solve the problem. I know I'd rather go to the dentist daily than ever watch one millisecond of any of that marlarkey. You can't fix stupid, apparently. *standing ovation*
  12. Happy Birthday dude! Got the Classic Albums documentary, and a 2112 mug. Also got money to help with saving up for an acoustic bass, probably a Dean.
  13. QUOTE (librarian @ Oct 7 2011, 03:57 PM) The Free Concert in Central Park, NY CD/DVD Combo f*** yes, how I wish this could happen!
  14. QUOTE (Invisible To Telescopic Eye @ Sep 27 2011, 08:44 PM) I hope they never get in...They're too good for that sh1thole.
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