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  1. I saw the Youtube shots of the end of the final show in LA. Neil, very uncharacteristically came out to take a bow with the boys, much to their surprise, I am sure. NICE to see!! In Ottawa, 1977, Neil thanked the crowd (using Geddy's mic) after coming back for the encore. That's the only time I've seen that in 28 shows since 1976.
  2. It would probably sounds like another Rush album. That's what My Favourite Headache sounds like, which is fine with me! (Yes, we Canadians put a "u" in favourite! Auto correct - kiss my frost-bitten Canuck ass!)
  3. Jazz album, no. But, a VERY prog rock instrumental YES! I would lose my shit over that one.
  4. Back to attendance numbers... from what I heard, most shows sold out. Those that did not, were 95% capacity. Montreal was packed to the ceiling.
  5. Loved his 70's set up, but I did notice the absence of acoustic wind chimes in Montreal. I was in the nose bleeds, so maybe I just couldn't see them... ?? Would have been perfect for Xanadu. About his writing (article) I think he was sort of surprised by the lack of commenting either for or against his new solo idea, and not his playing. Especially, Lorne Wheaton, his drum tech probably could / should have had something to say. Neil has gotten an unfair bad rap... he's probably the most misunderstood musician out there. We all think we know him, but none of us do. Leave the guy alone.
  6. Terry Watkinson (not Wilkinson) was Max Webster's keyboard player. Gary McCracken was their drummer. Not sure what you mean by "backed out."
  7. Sorry... anyway, as I saying... when they played that awesome song from 1980, I nearly lost all my shit. Is that okay??????????? Hopefully, this doesn't spoil anyone's concert experience.
  8. I just got home from|Montreal...and after 28 Rush shows, I can honestly say this one was the best. When they started playing (spoiler), I nearly lost all my shit.
  9. Where I live in NW Ontario, we refer to a camel toe as a “moose knuckle.” Makes sense for us anyway…
  10. “Might not hit bottom, but it’ll sure bash the Jesus outta them sidewalls.” Anonymous…
  11. I don’t think I can honestly pick just one… so how about two? I just read all the words from Hemispheres and Permanent Waves (on this site). Those are my two picks… the Trees is one of the simplest, but most clever lyrics I have ever read. It rhymes so perfectly and makes sense, even to us “non-tree” species. Some of Neil’s more modern lyrics are a little advanced (or deep) for my little brain… I can’t say enough about P Waves and Hemispheres.
  12. Clearly, I missed something as I have no idea what this one is all about… something about a shoe?
  13. Just a bunch of dirty guys hanging out… and there’s BabyCat… I still want to marry her.
  14. Also known as a “schlong.” You’re extra welcome…
  15. Gangst’ – Gangst’ - Gangst’… There is a HUGE difference between having a thing for a celebrity where it would be impossible to actually connect with and start something that would screw up a marriage. If you had these feelings with someone who you work with or the guy across the street, well that could be a problem and one your husband SHOULD worry about. But in this case… your husband needs to relax (and maybe grow up a little bit.) My ex GF had a wicked thing for Jon Bon Jovi. She made it clear to me that “If I ever get the chance, I’m gonna bang, blow him, squeeze his balls, sit on his face and even take it up the hoop for him. Then I’d do it all over again!” None of this bothered me because it could never happen. Harmless really. (Hey, wait a second here… I just realized something. She wouldn’t take it up the hoop for me! I should call today her and give her shit…)
  16. I’m actually surprised they’re going out again so soon (2015.) They’ve been touring nearly nonstop since 2002. Not complaining though…
  17. And, wouldn’t it great if they DIDN’T play Tom Sawyer, Spirit, Limelight or 2112? I could live with that because it would cleat some room for some seriously underplayed, ultra-wicked Rush tunage. Would love to hear Cinderella Man… and ANY part of Lamneth, even just an instrumental section.
  18. I’ll be living in New Brunswick by then, so let’s hope for another Halifax show. That’ll be a four drive. No sweat, since I’m used to driving to Winnipeg or Minneapolis to see them and both of those drives are 8 hours. I’d shoot a fawn in the face just to see Jacob’s ladder this time around.
  19. Let’s hope they do at least more album and a tour, even a short one.
  20. I like reading Neil’s posts because he’s Neil. And I am a big fan. Plus, the guy’s a hell of a writer.
  21. Dude, I’m totally with you on the analog stuff. Some of this digital shit is way too much for me… I wish I had kept all my old vinyl LPs.
  22. I agree… and for a guy who is known to be very private, it’s nice to see him opening up a bit. I couldn’t be happier for him with his new family and all. I could NOT imagine losing a wife and a child in the same year. I noticed that he is starting to talk about those times a bit more these days.
  23. I just read Neil’s March newsletter. I can’t understand some of the criticisms in here… some people are never happy.
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