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  1. This is classic Lifeson... he comes at you from left field. I thought maybe he'd blame Geddy's dog for pissing on Lita Ford's guitar... but, nope. Something even better.
  2. Jesus Christ... are people still talking about this? "And, in the news today, Alex Lifeson, guitarist for the legendary rock band Rush, was seen eating lunch at Duckworth's Fish & Chips on the Danforth today in Toronto's east end."
  3. When I was 13 and living in Ottawa, a friend of mine from Upstate New York was visiting and be brought ATWAS. When 2112 was being announced by Geddy, my friend said, "Dude, you gotta check this out." That was it for me... then, I went out and bought ATWAS and 2112... and when AFTK came out a year later... done deal. Oh, and my first concert on the 2112 tour didn't hurt either! Ottawa Civic Centre... 8,000 people, sold out. I was hooked.
  4. I haven't listened to the Seattle show in '76, but I have heard the rest. All great, but for me, the 1980 St Louis show that was broadcast on FM radio all across North America will always be Geddy's best. For worst? I don't even think about that... call me a fan boy!
  5. I just listened to some of it again today... the Whiskey show. I can't believe HOW high Geddy was singing back then. No wonder why some people didn't like Rush back then. Fly By Night was much more of an easier listen for casual fans.
  6. I'd be surprised if any of Neil's recorded solos are pieced together. It's possible, but I don't see why they would do that. I doubt Neil would even allow it.
  7. Kim recently sufffered a massive heart attack-------get well soon, bro. Kim will be fine... he has way too much rock n' roll duty left to do. I was talking to him a couple years ago at a gig and he told me he quit smoking and eats very healthy... get in plenty of exercise. But, he is in his 60s now and that when bad shit can happen. Canada LOVES Kim!
  8. TMMB is a wicked instrumental. I really like the guitar riff in the loud section... not sure what the hell you call it. La Villa will always be number one though. Oddly, (because a lot of people love YYZ) my least favourite instrumental is YYZ. It's kind of boring and the drum solos are pretty basic compared to Neil's other in-song solos.
  9. Alex will be funny as long as he doesn't try to be funny... he just needs to be himself... who is a funny dude. Am I making any funny sense? Okay, I am not funny. Need more coffee.
  10. I'm 99% sure this photo is from the P waves Tour... I remember seeing (somewhere?) a shot of Alex on stage with that crazy couch / sofa pillow thing across his back. The photo looked like it was taken at Hammersmith Odeon in London... I think the book was called The History of Rush where I saw the photo.
  11. La Villa, clearly the best Big Al solo in history. Then, Freewill... anyone out there is welcome to fill in my last eight Big Al solos because it would be too hard on my brain gravy to attempt such a task all on my own...
  12. I wonder, if during those first few weeks, Neil was secretly wondering what the hell he got himself into... "This crap is pretty basic. I hope these guys improve soon!" Apparently, they did...
  13. ANY Rush instrumental is a good one... still amazes me that three guys can play this stuff, even with the odd bit of "cheating" with sequencers.
  14. I know this has been talked about a million times before, so I will stand still (without even flinching) while someone kicks me in the onions... But - I sometimes cannot believe the difference between the first Rush and - all the rest of them. Neil really helped the boys switch gears. This recording at the Whiskey sounds pretty juvenile. Then, just a few short weeks later - enter By Tor. Crazy!
  15. Can't really explain it... as much as I really love some other bands, Rush will always be different for me. This band means so much more than any other band or artist, period. After 28 shows since 1976, I know what I'm talking about!! And, I've seen many big bands in that time... not just Rush.
  16. HOLY WOW!! I just watched the whole 18 minutes of Hemispheres by this band… the very young female singer, looks about 15, is amazing! She NAILS it. It goes to show just HOW high Geddy could sing back then. If anyone even kind of likes Hemispheres, watch the video. The musicians are bang-on, note for note.
  17. Thanks, just wasn't sure... some of these forums have strict rules about this kind of thing. I'll put it in Self Indulgence.
  18. I want to make sure it's okay before I... Can I post a link to my website on here? I'm doing a couple of short drum solos... If this is permitted, does anyone know what section would be the best place?
  19. Next to Moving Pictures, CO Steel has my favourite drum sound... those Slingerland drums were so good. They actually sounded like... good quality, acoustic drums. During Lakeside Park, when Neil plays those fills after the first section... those five stroke rolls just come tumbling down. Incredible.
  20. I love COS... the only weak part for me is I think I'm going Bald... a bit too "basic rock n' roll" compared to the rest of it, which is really they're first shot at prog rock.
  21. I had Fly By Night on the other day and my wife (who is a VERY casual Rush fan) asked who it was... when I told her, she was in shock and - VERY impressed. She said it's one of the nicest songs she's ever heard. So, maybe now she's slightly less casual when it comes to being a Rush fan, eh? Give it a listen if you aren't familiar... I'm pretty sure it's Geddy playing the classical (nylon stringed) guitar with Alex using an electric guitar and a volume pedal putting those soft nuances in there. And, Neil's lyrics are SO good, especially, for a guy who was 21 when he wrote them.
  22. An old friend of mine was at a house party in Toronto, about 30 years ago. He said that Lifeson was there and was "effing hilarious." He also said that he wasn't trying to be... he just was... hilarious. Back to Kim Mitchell for a minute... If anyone here ever saw Max Webster back in the late 70s and into about '81, you'll remember just how funny Kim Mitchell was on stage.
  23. Sorry to say it, but April Wine isn't April Wine any more... only one original member, Myles Goodwyn. Not even sure if Myles is still in, because last year they were looking for a replacement for him... that would be like replacing Jon Bon Jovi in Bon Jovi.
  24. I would love to hear Kim Mitchell's road stories... get him on the bill!
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