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  1. The puppies were wearing toques reminiscent of Bob & Doug, too.
  2. All Tony wanted was a heavy metal album. Not books, not stories from the bouncer who rides side-saddle, not yodelling vocals. It's not about hugging trees it's about metal guitars crushing your eardrums and everyone ending up with a permanent hissing in their ears as well as a Tony R Permanent Wave hairstyle. That is all. Books are for tourists.
  3. How about instead of "haters gonna hate" we could say "to each his own"?
  4. Right! I'm sure they wouldn't want people to think the Rush show was from Cape Girardeau!
  5. It's a shame that you have an issue with those of us who think KJA is a hack and glommed on to Neil's popularity to write a series of substandard books which only serve to diminish the legacy of Peart. #endrant Tribalism has a hard pull and leads people to keep throwing out strawman. I don't care if you don't like KJA, honestly. I just don't know why so many feel the need to attack those who do have an interest. And it's a flat out lie to claim KJA "glommed on Neil's popularity" . Neil worked with and approved and even instigated the entire endeavor. It certainly did not hurt Neil's legacy. My point is that if you don't like the "style", many people loved the concepts included in Clockwork Angels and all the books Neil drew from that inspired the work. Many also felt it was a great companion piece to the album, including me. I could even laugh at the way the verses were worked into the novel, but I understand if others can't. Again, I never defended KJA as a paragon of deep literature. But for those claiming some higher ground in literary standards it's odd to me because any attempt to discuss things like Bubba's affection for postmodern literature from Lynn Coady's The Antagonist to Barth's epic works like The Sot Weed Factor will never get a second glance glance in this forum. In fact, you could rarely get anyone to talk about any selection from Bubba's. I mean let's face it, most of the fans have self-admitted they don't even care about the words. Half of them were upset when they found out what it was saying which is why they have the no talking about lyrics rules. Many people here attacked Neil's lyrics and books (Ghost Rider) as well. I get it. But the fact I posted an update as to a possible third book got more people upset than BU2B. You would not think posting about such things (Neil's books) but there you have it. Everyone can just go back to bitching about the mix on Vaper Trails. God forbid someone mention Candide. Neil's lyrics played a foundational role in creating the adult I am today. I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been such a huge fan of the band if they were only singing about sex and drugs. His lyrics have spoken to me throughout my life, and as weird as it may seem have given me strength and helped me navigate my life. I still think KJA is a hack though :)
  6. It seemed to me they were just recycling shows they played on Deep Tracks so it was getting repetitive. I've heard Rivendell enough times now to last the rest of my life.
  7. Well, you weren't completely wrong about him being a girl. Just look at the lyrics to Alone Again lol. I really like that one. Lynch is a beast on that. :guitar: I've got nothing against George's playing on it. The lyrics are just wussy pop garbage. I hardly consider lyrics in music. Lyrics are just like the sprinkles on the cake for me, not even the icing or the cream never mind the cake. I hear lyrics but I don't hear them. It's probably why death metal vocals never bothered me, vocals are just another instrument to my ears, an effect. Lyrics are just a necessary tool. I mean you have to sing something don't you? As for Mr Neil Peart and his lyrics, I prefer to think of him as the man who came up with the themes and concepts for all the albums, the album titles, the song titles, the lyrics were just the nuts and bolts in that whole machine. The themes, concepts, ideas, even the titles are more important to me than the actual lyrics. Lyrics carry a lot of weight with me. Cheese is still cheese no matter how inspiring the music behind it. I mean, take one of the worst songs ever (imo), the horrendous 1982 "I've Never Been To Me". The only way that song would ever be good enough to listen to would be if Warren Zevon or Frank Zappa did a really ironic arrangement/vocal, and they're both dead so.... A more recent example: "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight". That is one of the dumbest, sappiest, most treacly songs ever. I know 10 year olds who could write better. Sure, it has hairy metal behind it, but that cannot conceal the fact that it's a steaming pile of yak poo. Well yeah some songs are beyond saving no matter what. Yet both became hits. The latter was even deemed worthy of inclusion on the local "classic" rock station's rotation. Go figure. These days people seem to love crap more than ever, whether it's films, TV, music, books or whatever. Crap, yes! But sometimes people love crap.
  8. It's a shame that you have an issue with those of us who think KJA is a hack and glommed on to Neil's popularity to write a series of substandard books which only serve to diminish the legacy of Peart. #endrant
  9. Well, you weren't completely wrong about him being a girl. Just look at the lyrics to Alone Again lol. Perhaps Gilbert O'Sullivan and Harry Nilsson had a love child and called him Donald ..... :o Naturally!
  10. None of this has to do with the opinion of many of us that Kevin Anderson is a hack. I was eager to read Clockwork Angels but I was extremely disappointed in the shoehorned-in lyrics and the overall poor quality of the writing. Neil read many fantastic books and shared his thoughts and recommendations with us. None of KJA's books hold a candle to any of them.
  11. First show: 4/1/83 in Hartford, I was 14. Knew nothing about the band, it was my first rock concert and was tagging along with a couple of my friends. I was a bit of a space nut at the time, so when I heard them play Countdown with the video screen...well, that was it! Most memorable show: 2008 at Red Rocks. How could a show at Red Rocks not be memorable? Best show: 2010 at Mohegan Sun. I was something like 12th row which is the closest I have ever been. My son attended as well, in utero :) Last show: R40, Boston In total I saw 20 shows on 12 tours. I had a ticket to a 2012 show in Bridgeport, but I temporarily lost hearing in my left ear due to a virus, and the doctor said I shouldn't go. Which in retrospect was a real bummer because if I had gone it would have made 21 shows, 12 tours.
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