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  1. Where should we post tribute band shows, now that the Headlong Flights forum is gone? Spindrift-Central Texas Tribute to Rush Friday, March 18th at 9pm Papa Woody's Roadhouse 8902 S Presa St, San Antonio, TX 78223 Facebook Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/messages/1054401580 A nice performance of Bravado! https://www.facebook.com/Spindrift.Rush.Tribute/videos/504505336421207/ Here is a nice performance of Subdivisions from their show on February 13th. https://www.facebook.com/Spindrift.Rush.Tribute/videos/504133569791717/ A great performance of Spirit of Radio from their February 13th performance at Anderson Mill Pub! https://www.facebook.com/Spindrift.Rush.Tribute/videos/502063429998731/
  2. Ron Howard is a huge Rush fan, btw (so I've heard)!
  3. That was my sign! I didn't make it, but I acquired it and held it up (what else do you do with a sign you want to take home?). I held it up again at the Austin show (5th row center) the next year. Geddy saw it and pointed to me and mouthed "you don't want that!". I shook my head yes and he replied with "no way!" then marched back to tell Neil. So Geddy has spoken. It ain't gonna happen...no way. Btw, if you made that sign, message me please!
  4. I knew the ovation was going to be big, but it was twice as big as even I was expecting. It brought tears of joy and by the end of the night, a bruise on my ring finger from clapping so much. Thanks to those that posted video. It was a night to remember. I can hardly wait to see the HBO broadcast. 'Radio.com tweeted "If HBO doesn't show Alex Lifeson's full speech send hate mail and demand to see it".' Rush fans dominate the limelight at 2013 Rock Hall Induction Ceremony http://www.examiner.com/article/rush-fans-dominate-the-limelight-at-2013-rock-hall-induction-ceremony
  5. Hope so too because they really need our support since it's late on a Thursday and we're not exactly spring chickens, you know?! :-)
  6. Rush Fans In Central Texas will be meeting up on Thursday 2/28 to support Vanispheres, Austin's own tribute to Rush. They're playing a show with Queen tribute band, Magnifico, with projections by ResSpec, at Holy Mountain on 7th near Red River. Doors at 9:00, music at 10:00, $8 cover. RFICT will be meeting up for dinner before the show at 7:30 at Iron Cactus on 6th at Trinity. Please RSVP to help us and the restaurants plan ahead. We'll also be gathering for Happy Hour and Dinner before the Rush concert on 4/23 in the party room at Brick Oven Restaurant on Red River at 12th, starting at 4:30. After the show, we'll be at Star Seeds Cafe on the I-35 access road between 31st & 32nd. They serve breakfast and diner food 24 hours and alcoholic beverages until midnight. Also mark your calendar for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony Viewing Party on 5/18 and message us for the address.
  7. Sure. They're a hard bunch to convert, but they can hang out in another room, far, far away.
  8. No worries...they'll give you one when you get off the plane.
  9. QUOTE (CruisingInPrimetime @ Mar 8 2012, 07:08 PM)La Villa Strangiato from A Show of Hands. The solo is prime Lifeson. It'd be good to revisit that one, so thanks for the suggestion!
  10. QUOTE (wilb1972 @ Mar 9 2012, 08:34 AM)QUOTE Why does it have to sound country??? He's asking for video showing Alex's skills. Not Alex's country playing He also specifically mentioned his friend is a country guitar player -- so the assumption would be that he wants something country sounding to lure his friend into the world of the Lerxster. That would be an accurate assumption, but the guitarist friend in mention attended a music college, so he's pretty well rounded. Just didn't want to turn him off, is all, which is why it needs to be a DVD song.
  11. If you had a country guitar player friend that you'd like to play an instrumental Rush video for (to showcase Alex), which song would you choose and from which DVD?
  12. Yes, please do let us know when you visit Austin! Our current headcount for this gathering is 18 including the texters, emailers, Facebookers, Meetuppers, and Rush forum folks.
  13. QUOTE (driventotheedge @ Mar 4 2012, 01:53 PM)110"? Wow. My 55" LED with very nice surround (Denon receiver, Bose speakers, sub, etc.) feels inadequate right about now. Fukk I wish I lived nearby. Very nice of the host to invite strangers via a fan site to his home for this. (Most) Rush fans are the best!! RFICTers gather fairly regularly, so we're not too strange to each other, but yes, these hosts are particularly great friends to have (and not just for that whopper of a TV!). If you ever come to Austin, let us know and we might just throw a Rush party just for you!
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