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  1. Lasers were kick ass in 2002 but in reality they are not nearly as important as the music. So montreal is NO Pyro?? Is that just a bell center thing?
  2. I just want to ask Neil why he refers to Acapulco as his nemisis. Partying a little to hard?
  3. Mustaches are only good for laughs in this day and age. Halloween parties, anything where you need to look like an adult film actor from the 70s
  4. You guys are reading too much into it. It just appears that Geddy wanted to mix it up and squeeze in some more 80's material this tour.
  5. Making an album without touring in this day an age isn't likely to happen. Most of the money is made on tour.
  6. I should totally get the vanity license plate "2112". I think they are totally overpriced but I checked this week and where I live that IS in fact availible. I have always avoided vanity plates because I normally prefer to blend in in traffic, but that would be too cool. At a glance the average joe might think it's a fleet plate, but anybody who knows, would notice for sure.
  7. All these young fans blow me away. There is hope for the world full of crap new music. I saw tons of people younger than me there. I'm just shy of 30 and I feel young there as it is. When I saw Rush for the first time 10 years ago I never thought I'd see them because they had never played Edmonton in my memory (and it had been 12 years since they had). After the show I heard one of these younger guys saying how f'ing amazing the show was and that he couldn't believe it, he never thought he'd ever see them. That WAS me 10 years ago and It hit me that these guys are STILL attracting a new audience. Amazing!
  8. That sucks. I hope it didn't ruin the finale of the show for you completely.
  9. I would say U2 live is great. Their a band I like, but certainly not on the same level. I can see how some of you guys get addicted and start going to a ton of shows. Last night would be my 3rd. That's pretty crazy that someone who's seen then 39 times would rate this show that high.
  10. Anybody else catch last nights show at Rexall Place? I loved it! I am glad we lucked out getting setlist B and that they made the changes to the encore since the first dates. These guys are spot on like you wouldn't believe for guys their age. I thought Geddy sounded good, better than the Time Machine DVD. Mix was excellent. Venue was pretty much packed with only a handful of empty seats in the nosebleeds and that would make it their best attendent show, possibly ever, here. It's not the setlist I would have picked but they could jam polly wolly doodle for 3 hours and they'd rock. The synth era stuff sounds great live. That with the great news tunes makes for a concert we'll never forget. The crowd was electric for SOR! My wife actually loved the show too, which says a lot. In fact she liked it way more than being front row at U2 360 tour.
  11. I can't wait to see The Garden played live tomorrow night with live strings. That song is mind blowing.
  12. I assume ushers hussle people out because it's late and they want to go home from their job
  13. Really lame effect. If you listen to it on a crappy system you don't really notice it but if I listen on a good system I always turn it down thinking I am clipping, pushing it too hard, and then I remember.
  14. His snare drum has definetly tightened up over the years. CA snare sounds like most modern rock albums, and live it sounds even snappier. It's a trend because late 70s into the 80s no rock snare sounds like todays
  15. QUOTE (Terrapin @ Sep 17 2012, 08:47 PM) Totally agree. Smoking has been banned in venues,why can't the same be applied to alcohol? Seriously, Does anybody NEED to get blind drunk to enjoy a concert and then ruin the whole thing by running to the bathroom every five minutes, falling all over the place, spilling drink over everybody throwing up, starting fights etc... Why anybody would pay good money to behave like that is beyond me. "It's a rock concert" state the brain dead drunks... Well it's a performance for me. And as a sober money paying fan, I'd like to watch and listen to the concert without having to deal with a bunch of inbred alcoholics getting in the way. The sooner alcohol is banned from venues the better. In a world where a local beer company is sure to be a major corporate sponsor of any public sports or music venue you are not going to see it banned. I like a beer or 2 at a show, I think the vast majority of people are capable of having 1 or 2 and not being a asshole.
  16. I just wanted to add that it looks like Edmonton's show is selling really well. There is still a little bit of tickets in the back top corners but they just opened up side stage, somewhat obstructed view, on lower and upper level. And we have had a lot of big acts this year. Metallica x2, roger waters the wall x2, Paul McCartney x2 Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Van Halen, Coldplay, Bryan Adams, Black Keys, Bob Dylan. Deep Purple did terrible. And last october Roger Daltry was here for the Tommy tour and the tickets sales were terrible, too bad because it was a good show. So I would say for any band who's not justin beiber to fill the venue in pretty good.
  17. I think that happens with all rock bands. A live, raw guitar always sounds heavier than an overpolished studio album. Big Money sounds WAY better in the live videos I've seen so far because of these factors, especially that you can hear the guitar.
  18. I can't say that the CA set is what I would have picked but just because I would choose different songs doesn't mean that I'm not still thrilled to see them here to play their music for an evening. It's actually better that I have an idea before hand and spend some time warming up to what I will be hearing.
  19. I like these tweaks. In exactly 2 weeks we'll be rocking out in Rexall (Edmonton)
  20. Sitting at a rock show causes me incredible anger. I mean nowadays I may actually sit down for a few minutes here and there if there is some mellow songs but normally on my feet rocking out. I have pissed off a lot of people over the years. I figure if your going to sit down you might as well stay home and watch TV. Now if we could do something about every 3rd person holding up their iPhone the whole show.
  21. I think the second night is better. I always loved dreamline, and swapping in 2112 is f***ing awesome. For some reason I'm more into the 2112 album, front to back, than ever before. I can only hope that is what we get to here in Edmonton. Now I'm torn, SOR was the song that brought me to Rush, and I will always love it, and seeing as I am dragging my wife to this show, her first Rush show, and I want her to hear it
  22. Power windows should be forgotten, not embraced. At least there is lots of CA because it's fresh and exciting to me. The rest of the setlist is a huge disappointment. No 2112, Xanadu, La Villa, Red Barchetta, Natural Science, Trees. I am bummed out now.
  23. You can still buy Saskatoon floor row 7 and winnpeg row 5
  24. I managed to meet Lemmy from Motorhead outside a venue later after a show here. His tour manager guy seemed like he was trying to move him along but he didn't at all seem to mind some chit chat while we took a few different pictures on my phone. It was just pure luck.
  25. Didn't do Regina, How was it compared to others?
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