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    a farewell to kings
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    attending the cleveland show during their time machine tour and being apart of that epic concert and movie!
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    ac/dc metallica pinkfloyd
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  1. Rivendell?? Ugh, please no. Worst. Rush. Song. Ever. Recorded. Worse than Speed Of Love and Neurotica, and that's sayin' something. I don't see them playing Tears, but would welcome Losing It. Neuotica isnt that bad!!
  2. IM goin to see for the second time at the quicken loans arena in cleveland tommaro!!! who else is goin and what seat do u have??? im on the floor section 6 so basically right dead center of the court!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. QUOTE (SchemingDemon @ Oct 21 2012, 03:20 PM) Best I'm finding is section 127 which is way too far back for $96 i payed the same price and im in the middle of the court in secion 6.. only 6 more days!!!!!!!
  4. QUOTE (ouchithurts @ Oct 7 2012, 09:30 PM) Geddy leaves Rush in 2015, goes to rabbinical school and becomes a Rabbi on the Lower East Side. He also buys a deli and serves the best corned beef sandwiches this side of the Mississippi. Neil, having seen Geddy finally living his dream, rebuffs the last of the sexual advances from Mosbach and takes over from a drugged deranged Drew Carey and becomes the new host of The Price is Right. Alex, all alone now, seeing the growth in Cougar and MILF genre adult video becomes a serviceable and well paid porno actor in such movies. Alex becomes quite the rage at local senior centers in which the ladies there, having come of age in the women's lib movement, have tea parties in which they love to watch him perform on aforementioned Cougars and MILF's. Alex, taking advantage of this popularity tours North America's senior centers, assisted living communities, and nursing homes, perform at CFNM parties. your a genius!
  5. im Personally of fan of it.
  6. QUOTE (apetersvt @ Oct 8 2012, 08:09 AM) Interesting idea, but there is no longer money to be made with studio albums. They make their money touring. I suppose they could still make albums for the love of music (such as Geddy's and Alex's solo albums) but I don't see it happening. I haven't really been exicted about new Rush albums in a couple of decades, but CA does really have me wanting more. thats what im saying! its such a a great album! their vapor trails, snakes and arrow, and CA are all amazing they need to contnue
  7. As we all know geddy has been struggling with his voice on recent tours. is my favorite band and i thought it might be a good idea if kept on producing studio albums with no tours. Idk if would be down for this but i definetly would. this just means more of the best music ever. WHAT DO YOU THINK???
  8. QUOTE (New World Kid @ Oct 7 2012, 11:14 PM) If I have to pick 3 epics: Xanadu 2112 Natural Science yea its a toss up between natural silence and by tor for me
  9. QUOTE (crazygeo @ Oct 6 2012, 01:04 PM) 1. Best album since Signals..their last great album from start to finish... 2. People have issue's with first set with rare 80's songs...not CA 3. Garden~beautiful, not exact to Rush standards, not at the top of my favorites on CA, but should be great Live... alex's solo in that song is amazing tho.. my fav of the album
  10. QUOTE (tangy @ Oct 6 2012, 12:59 PM) yeah, its great. probably the greatest late career comeback ever. i don't know anyone who is complaining about the second set here though. pretty sure most if not all complaints are about the first set. in the real world though neither set is good for the casual fan. alot of people on youtube are complaining.. people here are mostly hardcore fans so they can appreaciate the album
  11. QUOTE (Nate1647 @ Oct 6 2012, 12:45 PM) Lol so how's this for a setlist (timewise and selection wise it actually...works?) Tom Sawyer By-tor TFOL Clockwork Angels The Camera Eye Cygnus X1 Cugnus X1 (Hemispheres) Intermission Xanadu The Necromancer Jacobs Ladder (Drum Solo) La Villa (with extended Alex intro) Natural Science 2112 (full) Encore Limelight Closer to the Heart The Spirit of Radio dude that would rock so hard!!!!! haha and yea it works nice math!i wasnt gonna attempt calculating all the songs haha
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