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  1. How do you post a picture? I just got a photo back, signed, from the Seattle show. Made my freakin' day!!! I'm psyched!
  2. Personally, I think they've all been pretty funny, including these new ones. I loved it when Geddy's character says, "We happen to be G-nomes". And the Starman farting before 2112- very funny. (farts are always funny....) That's one of the things I like about them. They can, and seem to like to, laugh at themselves. Taking something that was written as seriously as 2112 and adding a fart joke, or singing "Arrgh, we are The Pirates" on earlier tours? I think that's cool. Keep 'em coming....
  3. I'm not from Ohio originally, but I graduated from The Ohio State University (GO BUCKS!!!) and lived in Cleveland for several years after college. Loved it in both cities.
  4. I sent a picture to the Philly show and haven't gotten it back, either. I'm starting to give up hope as well. Bummer.... Maybe I'll try again at another arena before the tour's over.
  5. I have to agree with those who have said that the sound wasn't too great. I also saw the Philly show, and the sound there was much better. It was still good- don't get me wrong- hell, it is Rush, after all. I sat closer this time, Geddy's side, about halfway up, so it was cool to see the guys a bit clearer. I really like the strings- they add so much. And the violin girl (third from the right) is smokin' hot. Blonde hair last night. I'm glad I decided to go at the last minute. A two hour drive, but definitely worth it. I love the line from the set two into film, after the tax man calls the guys dwarves- "We happen to be G-nomes."
  6. Not a big deal for me, but I did miss them on "Dreamline". That did look really cool. On another note- I thought the lights simulating driving rain during "The Wreckers" were very cool.
  7. I went to the Philly show as well- my 10th Rush show, and I thought it was fantastic. The Boys never cease to deliver an amazing show. They were tight, Geddy sounded great, and the strings were a very cool addition (I was somewhat skeptical...). They especially sounded awesome on "Red Sector A". I've always thought that the guitar part on that song really kicks ass live, with the distortion as opposed to all clean like the recording. The only other thing to say is that I don't get all of the bitching about the setlist. They played some cool songs that we haven't heard in a while, and there was some old stuff towards the end- what more do you want? Quit bitching and just enjoy it. There may not be too many more chances to see them.
  8. Good luck- I hope you make it. And, I hope even more that you're not sitting next to me.....
  9. QUOTE (FOH Lights @ Oct 10 2012, 12:15 PM) Hermy is correct - for shows in the northeast, Geddy & Alex are usually home by 1:00am. Man, that's gotta be expensive. Think of the cash they'd save by spending a few nights in a hotel or crashing on a bus.
  10. QUOTE (FountainOfSyrinx @ Oct 9 2012, 10:31 PM) You could get a "shout-out" in Roadshow 2.. Well, that might be worthwhile.... I honestly wasn't expecting much positive response or success stories, but I thought I'd ask- as someone said, you never know... I know it sometimes works with ballplayers before a baseball or football game. (Hey, wouldn't it be cool to have Geddy's signature on a baseball, given his love for the game?) I don't think I'll try it. Just curious.
  11. I didn't see anything like this posted anywhere- although I admit I didn't read everything.... Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone has ever had luck meeting The Boys as they show up to the arena? I wouldn't even think about trying for Neil that way, but maybe Alex or Geddy?
  12. http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d81/ladymadrigal/r30-19.jpg Neil: Jesus, can't I do ANYTHING alone??
  13. I didn't see anything like this here already, hope I'm not being redundant... When I was kid, I remember hearing something from some right-wing Christian group about Rush being evil because of the pentagram, and because they said that RUSH stood for "Rulers Under Satan's House". Whatever.... Anyway, that made me think of a game. The Acronym game- what does RUSH stand for? Or "GEDDY", "ALEX" or "NEIL"? I'll start: RUSH - Rattlesnake Under Someone's Horse NEIL - Not Easily Intimidated, Lerxt What else can we come up with?
  14. http://www.2112.net/powerwindows/wallpaper/R30alex.jpg No! It's mine, you can't have it! No! Get your own guitar!
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