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  1. The Producer on several of those is Geddy's brother, Allan Weinrib.
  2. Great post! I was wondering how many equipment switched he had made. Geddy really looks to be enjoying himself this tour (although he looked pained by the doubleneck a few times in Tampa). I too would love to see Steiny return for DEW!
  3. I will also be gathering on the 24th of May, see you all there!
  4. King Crimson just did a short tour where they played mostly the same songs each night (rotated in/out a couple) but varied the order every night so each show was unique. I can't see Rush doing that for the entire show due to lighting/set changes but very cool if they keep it fluid enough so that every night is special.
  5. I have heard Geddy in interviews challenging anyone else to play his live rig. He is doing so much up there and certain songs from the keyboard era are so complex that there is no way he could do some without sampling. I have no problem with it, it is still his work!
  6. Hand Over Fist - Hand Soap Out of the Cradle - Baby Soap Face Up - Facial Wash Between Sun and Moon - Soap for the taint Leave That Thing Alone - Soap for teenage boys The Body Electric - Body Wash I Think I'm Going Bald - Scalp Cream Cinderella Man - Soap on a Rope In The Mood - for those "special" occasions
  7. "She Said No" by John Wesley (Porcupine Tree) is by far the saddest song ever!
  8. What is The Omega Concern? As Alex realized that he had to play acoustic guitar for some Rush tunes and then quickly switch to his electric ("Closer to the Heart," etc.), he crafted a stand (actually an attachment to a Tama Titan cymbal stand) that holds his acoustic in an adjustable playing position. He soon began to sell this as a product (1st to Music Emporium) under the company label "The Omega Concern." Apparently, Alex's "company" also made Geddy a light-up lyric stand and Neil got a newspaper/book holder so he could read while he eats breakfast.
  9. I am huge Crimson fan, here is my list: 1. Lizard 2. Red 3. Starless and Bible Black 4. ITCOTCK 5. Islands 6. In The Wake of Poseidon 7. Larks Tongues in Aspic 8. Thrak 9. Discipline 10. Construction of Light 11. The Power to Believe 12. Three of a Perfect Pair 13. Beat I do not really listen to the Belew era stuff much these days. And yes, I did put Islands before Larks! Listen to the live album "Live at Summit Studios" to get a real appreciation for this era of the band.
  10. I don't see them ever getting the nod to do the half time show but both Styx and Kiss have played the pre-game show so i could see that as a possibility. if that were the case i could see them playing this set: Spirit of Radio Tom Sawyer One Little Victory (with drum solo beginning) Working Man a good mix of early/mid/late :rush: and the drum solo would be a must!
  11. Taking out the ones Geddy would struggle with first and narrowing down the list from there, I get came up with this list. In no particular order: Face Up The Big Wheel Cut To The Chase Alien Shore Totem Peaceable Kingdom How It Is Vapor Trail Sweet Miracle We Hold On
  12. No real order on this list... Out of the Cradle - cause these 60 year old guys are endlessly rocking Beneath, Between and Behind - just rocks, listen to the ESL version! Red Lenses - saw this live in '84 and wish they would bring it back Nobody's Hero - this one ranks first in the misunderstood meaning category (not one of my fav's but deserves to be on here) We Hold On - most rocking album closer ever, great guitar riff The Big Wheel - and why was this not a single? How It Is - again, why was this not a single? Face Up - I have always loved the lyric "Am I in a groove or is it a rut" Chemistry - this one just has a different vibe than anything before it Circumstances - this is the one that first got me hooked
  13. I am upset with this! I heard that the main set would have Superconductor and Speed of Love and the second set would feature For What It's Worth to celebrate 10 years of Feedback!
  14. I will give a try with a few longshots just for S&G's... Set 1: Far Cry Vapor Trail The Analog Kid Kid Gloves Face Up Cut To The Chase Driven Show Don't Tell Mal Nar Stick It Out Tom Sawyer Subdivisions Set 2: Caravan BU2B Clockwork Angels The Anarchist Seven Cities of Gold The Wreckers Headlong Flight (with ESL type drum solo, maybe Bastille Day intro) Wish Them Well The Garden Losing It Mission New World Man Manhattan Project Jacob's Ladder Encore: The Spirit of Radio La Villa Strangiato Xanadu 2112 (Overture, Temples and Grand Finale)
  15. How about an extended Clockwork Angels (song) ending with a Fly By Night coda. "As if to Fly..." jam section with strings into a short "Fly by night - away from here"...
  16. An ending solo would be great but if it were my choice I would love to hear an extended intro to Seven Cities of Gold. It would be great to hear them stretch out on this.
  17. I think he will bring out the famed "Hentor Barbarian Bass"!!!
  18. Very odd to see that glyph here as I just saw it for the first time last night. It is used in the book "The Charlemagne Pursuit" by Steve Berry. Still reading so not sure of it's meaning in the book. I will follow up if it has any relevance to this discussion.
  19. 1 Driven - One of the best songs of the 90's albums 2 Time and Motion - could fall in the top 5 of the 90's 3 Half the World - kinda pop for but good 4 Totem - same as 3 5 Color of Right - good track, works well 6 Test For Echo - good, but I have issues with the flow of the lyrics 7 Resist - this is where is starts going downhill 8 Carve Away the Stone - still rolling downhill 9 Dog Years - wow, musically this and the last two work, but... 10 Virtuality - where did they go wrong...is this about tortoises sending emails? No, that was the last one. No??? 11 Limbo - this one just goes nowhere for me overall, some good parts but... take the good parts of the last three and maybe, just maybe....
  20. I actually think "Wish Them Well" would make a better single also. Not really a boundary pushing song so non-Rush fans might actually take to it a bit easier.
  21. We have seen three songs released so far, and I really do not expect BU2B2 to be a single (although I did include it here), so what do you think should be the next single?
  22. I did not get a fanny pack or take a leak. I will wait until it is released the way meant it to be. However, I did listen to the few tracks that have streamed and they are AWESOME!!!
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