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  1. So tough but my top 5 is pretty consistent, it's my next 5 that change all the time! 1. Permanent Waves 2. Hemispheres 3. Moving Pictures 4. 2112 5. A Farewell to Kings
  2. I will most likely have an extra, we have 2 VIP tix for Hamilton, not sure when the swag is sent for this leg. We also did VIP last year for Newark, the goods didnt show for probably a month after the show. I sent a forum member the guitar picks from the last leg no charge, will probably do the same for this merchandise or at most ask for postage for something like a tour book. Screw ebay, more trouble than its worth for few bucks and besides, paying it forward to fellow Rush fans is good karma :rush:
  3. I'm old-ish (53) and I get floor seats and always stand for Rush. I dont have a problem with folks that are Rush fans but choose to sit or sit for some songs. As other's have said, I dont put up people asking us to sit...isnt happening. Its a rock concert and we're standing. What I dont like is what happened in NJ, we did VIP and had row 7...was awesome. There were about 8 guys in the row ahead of us that had some "comp" VIP tickets...one guy was into the show, the rest sat there, heads down the whole show...texting and just wishing to be anywhere else than the Prudential Center. WTF! If you dont like the band, dont take the tickets! Sure we did our best to ignore them and rock out...but they were in our field of view. Thankfully they left at intermission.
  4. Means nothing to me, I'm glad for the band...and the fans that care...but they were snubbed for so long it matters not to me. I love the band and their music for the enjoyment it brings me, and my friends that feel the same about Rush. We dont require a HOF to know we are fans of one of the greatest bands, and three of the worlds most excellent musicians in rock history.
  5. Same experience in Newark the others have said. Got an email about 5 days before show day with details. Once at the venue ticket office there was a window marked off for LN VIP only. Had to show driver's license is all, but had the correct credit card and printed confirmation with me just in case. Also had a VIP only line to get in once doors opened...the entire experience was good and the seats were great. Obviously like most everyone I was nervous not knowing seat location but it worked out great, well enough that we've gone the VIP route again for this leg- our show is in Hamilton so a while to wait yet.
  6. Freshman year at RIT, 1977 (yes, I'm old)...my roommate back then had the most amazing stereo I had ever seen. First day we met he cranked the first Rush album, me coming from a small town I never heard it but I thought it sounded amazing. Ya gotta remember this was the height of the disco era and there was not much good music played on radio in those days, at least not in smaller markets. Later that first semester, a few of us gathered one night and listened to 2112 through a smokey haze...Rush fan for life ever since those college days so long ago now. Musically and lyrically just so damn enjoyable, listen after listen. Later AFTK and Hemispheres totally blew me away, and Permanent Waves is still a favorite. I will confess from Signals on for a few keyboard heavy albums I lost some of the love, but from Roll the Bones onwards my addiction has been renewed. Can't wait to see them again in Hamilton :rush:
  7. Only two because they are 20+ Minutes Each: Hemispheres and 2112! :haz: :rush: :haz: Beat me to it...if only two songs...those are it!
  8. Time after time we lose sight of the way Our causes can't see their effects or- The more that things change The more they stay the same
  9. The forums were all wound up in 2010-11 that there would be 'one last tour' after TM to support the new album...well, then CA is it. I would love an R40 as much as anyone but it's probably odds against. I'll draw a parallel to the Stones, and yeah of course Rush kicks their ass in every way and Rush tunes are far more inticate but hear me out. Mick, Keith, & Charlie Watts are around 10 years older than the guys in Rush. From 1998-2005 the Stones really cranked up their touring...Bridges to Babylon, No Security, 40 Licks, A Bigger Bang - I dont count last year's 4 shows as a 'tour'. Anyway, Rush has similarly toured a lot since S&A, 6 of the last 7 years I believe. I tend to see this album & tour as a farewell tour de force and cant wait for the Hamilton show. Newark was great last fall but I want to experience Rush in Canada :)
  10. Woohoo, scored VIP tix for Hamilton, ON within the first 5 minutes. Hoping for first or second row this time, had row 7 for Newark last Oct. Was thinking Hershy for this leg but the venues are about equal distance from our home so we decided on seeing them in Canada!
  11. You select the size shirt (S-XXL) when you order the VIP package. As other's have said, get the VIP package for the good seats...the swag is nothing to write home about. I would prefer they dont offer swag w/ the tix and just lower the cost 20 bucks or so. Although nervous about not knowing where we were sitting until we arrived at the venue, it worked out great. We'll do VIP again, probably Hershey on this next leg.
  12. To me I can't afford not to go! They're my favorite band since the late 70's, and even when times were bad I scrounged and found a way to see them or other bands I wanted to. If you're passionate about Rush...find a way...at this stage in their career there's no guarantee of more tours. Over the course of a lifetime whats money spent on things you love doing...you'll make more money...you can't replace chances missed. As far as the band is greedy, everything costs too much...how can I put a price on the pleasure of a lifetime of listening to and seeing Rush perform? To me it is priceless...I hope to hell they are making millions and keep going a few more tours...they work their ass off for us and they earn every dollar.
  13. His tune never changes...luckily none of us care what he thinks.
  14. I went to the Newark show and my swag arrived over a week ago; we are nowhere near where Sandy had impact though so that may account for it. Other than the tourbook I wasnt overly impressed with the stuff...but I will still do VIP for the 2013 leg - the seats were all I cared about. If you can get on the VIP sale within the opening minutes you can get great seats for far better prices than you would later from stub hub,etc.
  15. Exactly! They are in fantastic form this tour, just take it all in and enjoy it...there's no guarantee there will be another tour or two. We will almost certainly get a second leg of the CA tour next year, at that point Rush will have toured 4 consecutive years, they'll want (and have earned) a break. We cant assume they'll want to tour again after a year or two off when by then they'll be in their early-mid 60's.
  16. Got ours today, knew not to have high expectations based on what folks had posted but the shirts were worse than I thought they possibly could be. Honestly have never encountered a t-shirt so thin...wont last past a couple wearings. Rest of the stuff wasnt much better. Live & learn I guess.
  17. Still waiting for ours, went to the Newark show, however I'm sure Hurricane Sandy will have impacted shipping around the east coast. At this point concert swag is unimportant compared to getting help where needed. Based on the photos posted of the merchandise, I would rather we have an option in the future to just order the VIP tickets and skip the cheap swag...I paid I think $325 each for Newark VIP package, just make it $300 or so for the tickets only and we'll buy our own Rush swag. Can't wait for (hopefully) and second chance to see this tour next year, still debating on doing VIP again.
  18. QUOTE (rocketom @ Oct 24 2012, 05:55 PM) Outdoor as long as its dark by the end of the 1st set. These outdoor venues were made for concerts. This!
  19. QUOTE (ReGorLaTroy @ Oct 22 2012, 12:51 PM) QUOTE (librarian @ Oct 22 2012, 12:08 PM) and I am absolutely suffering from Post Traumatic Rush Concert Disorder and empty wallet Depression. Same here... Ditto
  20. We just home from the Newark show, pleasant 3 hour drive this morning...frikin awesome show...but hey it's RUSH and we love this band! We did VIP but I was nervous arriving as it was a couple hours into the presale so i was bracing for row 15 but we did get row 7 right in front of Geddy. The seats were amazing and well worth it the $$ I'm over 50 now but can still stand & rock out for the whole show...hey since Rush gives their all for us we as fans should give ours! I will agree that the sound wasnt as loud as I have come to expect, clear and crisp where we sat but lacking the ear-ringing goodness as so many previous shows lol. Coming in I was disapointed we were not getting SCOG as opposed to Wish Them Well...but I gotta say live that song was awesome. Was it my own personal dream set, no not really but my God they play their hearts out for us and it was just another wonderful night. We will catch another round at during the 2nd leg. Geddy was in great voice last night, sounded better than he did to me on both nights of the Time Machine tour that we caught. At the end of Headlong Flight his voice was just amazing, I was grinning no doubt like an idiot singing along, arms pumping...swore Geddy looked right me & flashed me a smile...asked my girl she yes I think he did!
  21. FYI, the Rolling Stones just announced 2 shows in Newark, NJ for Dec 13 & 15. Looks like 2 shows in London and the 2 at the Prudential Center are the end of the line for Mick, Keith, Charlie, and Ronnie. I did check just for the hell of it, Stones VIP tix are $750, with fees its like $815 each ...glad my favorite band is !!
  22. Got my email today, 8 days before the show. Able to pickup my tix starting at 6:00.
  23. Got my email today on picking up my VIP tix for the Newark show, email indicates we'll get the commerative tickets and lanyards at the show...other stuff will arrive after the date of the concert. Totally not cool...I mean SIX months ago when I paid for the VIP package I expected to wait awhile but this is just BS. It is purely a marketing ploy...thinking we'll all load up with swag at the shows since we dont have our VIP stuff yet.
  24. QUOTE (drgrendel @ Oct 6 2012, 01:56 PM) In Pittsburgh we were allowed inside the venue about an hour or so before they opened the gates. We had the opportunity to listen to the soundcheck. Was pretty cool. That would be awesome to get in early, hope we're that lucky in Newark.
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