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  1. For the longest time in my life Rush did occupy the top spot. Now they get mixed in with Lynyrd Skynyrd, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, and Marillion.
  2. I have some mixed feeling about this. I may never seem them live again after the Buffalo show, but I have their music all around me. If this is it, I am glad they are going while still a decent act to see live. I do say decent because musically they are still there, but hearing Geddy struggle is rather sad to watch and hear at times. IMO, their last great tour was TFE. I really did not appreciate, as I have stated several times, the last two tours and their insistence on jamming back to back to back to back songs from the most recent album down the crowds throat. It is not tat I do not like the albums, it was the fact hey chose to present it in an aggressive way. Now they are starting R40 with 3 tunes from CA? REALLY? I suppose that is what killed the magic for me. But alas, there are other live acts out there putting out killer material ad touring in support of it. Life goes on...
  3. I think the important question to ask is why so much for CA stuff and the skipping of two other albums which fans are clamoring for? I really do not understand their logic when it comes to this stuff. First, stuffing back-to-back songs from one album down our throats and then starting the same way on this tour and skipping popular albums in the process. In some respects, I am glad they are done touring in this magnitude. They suck at putting a set together. Don't give me the crap about "they play what they want, they are the artists." Yeah, they got famous by us shelling out the gold, now give me the benefit of a reach-around before you (Rush) do me again.
  4. I was thinking of skipping this tour myself. Quite frankly, I find it repulsive that they decided to bore the living hell out of the audience by doing their back-to-back crap they did on S&A and CA. Mind you, I went to multiple shows on each tour, but I found a way to avoid the excessive sleep music. I would have been able to digest the amount of new material if they would have sprinkled it nicely throughout the show. However, their means of jamming the stuff down my throat like that really made me think about who is doing the thinking there. Yeah, they are my favorite band, but that does not mean I have to bend over and take it up the arse just because they are Rush and hey are slowing down. I am keeping y 4th row Buffalo tickets. I love the crowds.
  5. It is my belief that if one wishes to "avoid knowing," living alone in a cave might be the best way to do just that. If not, you get what you get. In the larger scheme, it is not a huge deal one way or another. There are more significant things in life...'ya know?
  6. I was going to settle with the tickets that I have for Buffalo (300 level), but decided to poke around and ask some of my contacts in the area if there are any seats to be had. Within two hours I receive a cell message with an attached picture of two second-row floor seats or face value. M reply was- Send Them! A few minutes later, I received another text - "There are plenty of good seas available - they are just floating around. Need any more?" Pretty sickening!
  7. True dat! I prefer to see the whole show. I have had my time up close - really prefer to be off the floor.
  8. Missing a show because you cannot get a seat you want? Seems pretty lamo to me! <shakes head in wonderment>
  9. The formula for happiness is easy: Buy ticket + Go to show = HAPPY HAPPY!!!! Look, last tour I had font row center at the Pittsburgh show. This time around I have level 3 in Buffalo. Guess what? I am HAPPY simply because I am going!
  10. This time around I took what was there and was done with it. Luckily there are some big name bands out there who really care for their fans by making sure really good seats are available through pre-sale. The VIP packages offered are a joke in comparison to others. The fans got them into the RRHOF and this is what they give back? I belong to other fan sites and the pre-sale tickets offered there are 100x better than what has been offered here. I feel bad for the common person on this one.
  11. Thankfully bands like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath are trying t make things better for their fans. I know each time I go for a ticket (fan pre-sale) to a Maiden show, pit tickets are first option. Now that is fan love! If they can do it, why can't this band? I can understand the OPs position. Best way to deal with it is to have the masses refuse the product. Just don't buy until reform. Fans pay salaries - no fans - no $$$$$$$$$!
  12. Ok...I have put my heart back into my chest. I am going to let my buddy in Buffalo get tickets. I am willing to take the best we can get in order for him to take his three kids along with us. I have been really spoiled the last three tours with seats no worse than 10 th row (1st row Pittsburgh being best). I am looking forward to sitting back a bit and taking in the whole thing. Just thankful this is happening!
  13. OOOOOOOOPS! I forgot to get ticket! Where was my email regarding pre-sale code????? OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. The last time around, the Pittsburgh show had a dismal attendance. By comparison, Buffalo was a sell-out. Pittsburgh has always had a visit from them; sometimes hitting the Burgh for both legs of a tour. Buffalo missed out on Time Machine Tour, so I think Buffalo is getting I just desserts this time.
  15. There are some bands that do justice for their fans by releasing EXCELLENT PRIME seats in their pre-sales. It is too bad that this band does not do the same. For the band that I will never mention here, I have had PRIME standing right in front of the stage for the last 5 tours they have done without fuss nor worry. So it is not all bands that do this, just the greedy ones.
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