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  1. Not only is he a hottie, he saves lives too! http://media-cache-ec3.pinimg.com/550x/3d/b3/ed/3db3ed2604173cdc1896ab36279e07e8.jpg
  2. I would LOVE to be able to afford floor seats, hell I would give up a limb to be able to have an up close feel for just one concert, unfortunatley that is not the case with my financial life..And as a newby I did not realize it was highly controversial, I most certaintly did not mean to offend any fellow Rush fans..I am a lover not a fighter and just love my Rush..I just couldnt get "into" it sitting down..but after reading the NON ofensive comments I realize maybe I indeed should have sat as not to offend my fellow concert goers..I am just passionate about my favorite band..no harm there!! We dont need to put each other to get any points across, I realized I was wrong before you put me down..just saying..
  3. hi, I am newer on the forum, I am sure this has already been posted..but I just LOVE it!! LOVE IT!! Swoon.... http://i.ebayimg.com/t/GEDDY-LEE-Mini-POSTER-magazine-Pin-Up-2-uk-RARE-RUSH-/00/s/MTYwMFgxMTQx/$T2eC16FHJIIE9qTYI4O(BQI7W9)(OQ~~60_12.JPG
  4. Yes I must be selfish and self centered, give me a break, I am new to the forum and I was looking for some honest opinions and or a good debate on why I am wrong, not to be put down, everyone has had given me good points for both, no need for being RUDE! Grow up.
  5. Love the feedback! Some great points..Sadly I could never afford the prices for floor seats (4 kids!) some I am always stuck in the stands..but hell at least I am there! I am glad the general consensus agreed that I had a right to continue standing if I so chose..I feel better about my rant.. :P
  6. ugh..total newby posted this in wrong place..grr..admin can you move it??
  7. Geddycorn here..I went to see Rush last night in Orlando and again was amazed by my favorite band since I was in Junior high..(35 now!) and was in Heaven the whole time.. sooooo excited to hear The Pass!! But...I have seen Rush many, many times throughout the years..and was shocked that everyone was sitting for the concert (other than floor seats!) I was horrified..I have never been to a Rush concert where everyone was sitting! Who can sit while the Holy Trinity is on stage?? The guy and his wife behind me actually tapped me on my shoulder to ask me to sit down..I guess I was rude cause I gave them a dirty look and Rushed on..Is this something new at Rush shows?? Its a Rock concert! I mean honestly I know the band and some of us fans are getting older..but come on! Please tell me this isn't normal? I want to scream, dance, gyrate and make a total ass of myself while they are playing..how do I do that sitting?? ugh..p.s My profile pic is my tattoo..sweet right! =) ..dying to show it off!
  8. Concert was amazing as usual last night! Loved hearing The Pass... I was in Heaven..what pissed me off was the fact that all non floor seats were sitting?? Who the hell sits at a Rock Concert?? The guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder to sit down..The Holy Trinity is on stage..you don't sit down! Well I guess I was rude and refused to sit down..I don't rock to Rush sitting down! Damn!
  9. I am so torn, I am loving a sugestion on another thread Counter Clockwork angel, also loving Roll the bones, I am so confused lol, aaahhh!
  10. wow, I am loving these names, now I have to many to pick from, uugghh, I love counter clockwork angel, I love caressa steel, love Roll the Bones, Now what to pick, aahh!
  11. Wow you guys rock! Thanks!! I havent made my final desicion yet but will let you know as soon as I do!! I have so many good ones I don't even know how to pick the final one!! You guys are the bombs!
  12. Mamita, Caress of wheels is pretty awesome, I am liking that but since you enjoy word games I would love to hear what else you can come up with other songs or Rush related. I am excited to come onto this group and meet soem amazing woman like myself (and Female FRIEND OF RUSH)is a friend of mine. My derby number is going to be 2112 and I cannot wait to pick a official name so that I can look foward to getting on the roster and putting on the shirt! Thanks to all you ladies for the help and I am excited to see you all around here!!!
  13. I somehow don't think ANAL HOG KID will go over well with the families attending our events, lol, but Thanks for trying! lol Some of the names of my fellow team mates are Katherine (Kit Kat Krush) gena (genacide) allison (l'assassin) we also have ms. Red Rum, Princess Leigh U out, etc.., we even have a megan..who is Green Megs and slam. This is kinda like a game..I know their is a PERFECT one for me....
  14. You guys rock! So far my favorite is Steel Caress, it doesnt have to have a girls name in it, just a kick-ass name. My initial was going to be Lady C"RUSH"er but I know I can do better than that!! Keep them coming so I can pick a favorite and wear it proudly..(I even have Rush stickers..on my helmet!) Thanks!!!!!
  15. You rock! Thanks! I couldn't have said it better! I knew this was the place to go to get amazing feedback! It has to be Rush inspired and sound kick ass! I appreciate you helping out a newbie!
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