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    August 6, 2004
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    Subdivisions/The Enemy Within/Red Barchetta/etc.
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    "The first real time I drummed the rolls in Tom Sawyer and every night when I drum my mini Rush concert". & "I think Alex looked at me 2 tours ago".
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    Van Halen, Judas Priest
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    Drums, Guitar, Keyboard
  1. So we went last night and it was totally worth it. We got there around 6:40 for a 6:00 start time. I guess his flight was delayed so it started late. We waited in line for a little over 2 hours. By the time we got to the front of the store we could see him through the store's glass front as he was stationed sort of towards the front of the store. I didn't have a ticket (my son had it) but they let me go through the store with him. the line went past him to the back of the store then back to the front to the signing area (you got to sort of see him up close while waiting in line). Since I wasn't getting a book signed I actually browsed through the store and walked up next to where he was signing just to get some extra time so close to one of my music idols. I hopped back in line with my son about 3 people away from signing. I then hung back and took about 12 pictures and I actually leaned into the table a little to try to center them both in the picture. My son nicely said "could you do me a favor...could you sign it...you threw a shirt at me..." as we were lucky enough to catch a shirt in Saratoga during the time machine tour. He said sure. My rock and roll heart melted as he looked at my son and was very genuine. My son had a solid 30 seconds with him got to say how much that shirt meant to him, thanked him and also got a fist bump in the process. There was a gap to the next person and I probably could have fist bumped him or tried to say something clever but only complimented him on his Le Studio shirt (raising money to try to refurbished the famed studio site). My only regret was that I didn't take a selfie with my son with him in the background or that I didn't say thank you and have a great retirement. I'm sure each venue is different but there was no real security saying what or what not to do. To me, everybody was cool and there was no real reason to need security. The event was supposed to end at 9:00 but we doubled back past the store at around 9:10 and there was still around 50 - 75 people and it looked like he was going to stay and complete the signing. All in all a class act and seemed real...very much like we see on the videos and interviews. Geddy's parents raised him well and I'm glad my kids like the group and consider him one of their music idols. A great night and a great memory. I'll post a picture if I can figure it out. Thanks again to everyone with their comments thoughts and advice.
  2. Thanks everyone for the comments and suggestions. I have made my plan based on all the feedback. I will have him meet him. It will be a total surprise as I have already fake asked my son to help me with moving somebody from my job Thursday (Brookline/Boston)...at some point into the ride he will probably ask what's going on...I will hold the surprise as long as possible. From all your responses I think the short 30 second meet and greet will be more better for him. He has played bass for a while now (he's 21 now and started when he was 12ish) and Geddy was his first music idol. Thanks again to everybody...have a great summer...keep rockin...
  3. At book signing is it just "To John Geddy Lee". Or can I ask for "To John...I threw you at shirt in Saratoga...Enjoy the book...Keep Rocking.... Geddy Lee" Also...do he do "selfies" or mind if pictures got taken while he was signing?? Its a gift for my son...I want to make it as great as possible.
  4. Debating whether to go or not. Me and family saw them 3 times last year. It looks like virtually the same setlist. If the videos are also the same I'm questioning whether I should spend the money elsewhere. Our local show is May 9th so I'm looking for a good deal to help me decide. The arena is 2 hours away so it's 2 hours there and 2 hours back to see virtually a show I've already seen 3 times. Believe it or not...yes the videos might make the decision. At least something would be different (not just the randomness of the rotated song slots).
  5. Very cool hearing other people's stories. Yes being frugal I would have taken 7th row at that price in a heartbeat but I can't count on scalpers and over the past 4 years I've sort of figured out the Ticketmaster - secondary scalper market so I like to have some sort of ticket in my hand before I drive and park (even though for VH in Philadelphia in 2007 I went, parked and bought on site). To me though concerts aren't the same as when we were growing up. Everybody stays in their rows for the most part. There's no rushing the stage. Security on power trips. It's just not the same. Yet I keep going because in 5-10 years who will be around that I want to spend money on? Outside of being glad to go to these shows with my kids I'm also glad these bands are still touring and playing with a very strong resemblance of the "glory days".
  6. Maybe I'm torn between the price paid and the experience. I'm frugal by nature (my kids would say cheap - but they aren't going to be the ones footing 4 cell phone bills, cars insurance, college, etc.) but I just like to get my money's worth. Anybody can spend money. My sport is stretching my dollars as far as they can go. I think if it was more luck than an analytical purchase (with some spontaneity thrown in) I would have 100% enjoyed it vs me feeling around 80% satisfied. Anyways just wanted to share. I shouldn't be over analyzing the experience. There's bigger problems in the world and in the state of today's music scene. Again we are fortunate to have spent like that in today's environment. Hope everyone has a great time at their show of choice.
  7. Let's see...this was about the 30th time I saw Rush. I've had 4th row a couple of times and super close side seats several times. I've brought most of my kids. I've spent a lot of money over the years. So when the Bridgeport show was announced I said to myself...let me think about sitting real close. I have never sat front row at any concert (sat 2nd row for VH earlier this year). Outside of Rush I've seen many other bands (Kiss 15 times, Judas Priest 8 times, Maiden 5 times, etc.) We went to opening night in NH (my wife, my oldest (14 and big into Rush), and 2nd oldest (13, definitely into Rush just not as much as the first). For NH we sat Stage Right side seats real close. So we started keying in on CT tickets from Sunday to yesterday. Ticketmaster locked us out twice (even though we were logged on so they should know I am not a machine looking for tickets). Then finally after being locked out at work and watching Stubhub all day I made the plunge for two front row in front of the keyboards. I went with my oldest. Don't get me wrong...every show I go to with my kids (no matter who it is) makes me emotional. Me with my kids at a concert starring the music of my life...very powerful. So front row. Let's see...my Holy Grail (but I payed for it and didn't luck into it). With the barricade making the front row a good 10-15 feet away from the players it makes it a little sterile. We had a great time. We rocked. We banged heads. We air guitared, air drummed and air bassed all night. But was it worth it...of course... it's front row but not being able to rest a drink on the stage or use the stage as my personal drum set makes me say...great I did it and now I'm done. Don't get me wrong we are very fortunate to have the money to try this but you know what...I think we would have had just a good of a time being close on the side again. Maybe if you're more towards the center it would be better but being 10 or so feet away from the very front of the stage...it's like being at a stadium show where the barricades are a barrier. It didn't feel as intimate as it should have? Again we had a great time and looking back the glass is half full but maybe my expectations (even though I suspected I would feel this way) exceeded the actual. Maybe because we saw virtually the same show in NH...but you know what...I'll probably go to Boston too (if work and family pans out properly).
  8. Can anyone tell when the VIP ticket info is given out and when tickets must be picked up? Is it a week before the show? A couple of days? or do they give the info the day of the show?
  9. Thanks for the heads up. We got our tickets on Monday and saw the release (before I saw your post). We chose the guitarist side so the drummer is in better view (hopefully). The funny thing...when I looked the day they went on sale and even in the presale the same section was available but the tickets were a little higher up. I passed on them figuring I could do better and I didn't know how many of our kids we would be bringing. We scored 6 in a single row Monday so my two oldest and wife will be going along with 2 other relatives (two oldest are lucky - this will be the 3rd tour they've seen and they're only 14 and 13). My two youngest are not happy that we bought 6 (I fronted for the relatives) and they aren't going. Wasn't that psyched... but after buying tickets... on with the show! Everyone enjoy and have a great time. It has to end sooner or later but for now the glass is half full.
  10. Unless they changed it recently AA through ZZ first then A B C D so around row 30 is where you are at. I just tried and got Row A Section 2 seats 8 and 9 and my heart stopped for a second until I remembered the AA thing and the VIP first 15 rows thing.
  11. Not sure how to get the majority of my money to the artist directly, so I bought the N. Peart DVD from Rushbackstage.com. I received it last month but said to my wife just give to me for Christmas or my birthday (yes it takes self control to get a DVD this awesome that answers many of my requests in terms of Music DVD and then wait to open it). Then through reading here and there I find out Guitar Center purchasers get additional bonus footage. Plus I probably could have got a better price through Guitar Center. Do rush.backstage customers get the additional footage? If not, should I feel jipped?? Am I whining...after already having the opportunity to purchase an incredible DVD with what is already there (the only thing I really want that is listed in the additional footage is the studio "Subdivisions" footage). In fact it took me this long to write whether I should feel like I'm being jipped because it is such an incredible DVD to offer to fans (i.e. fans are never satisfied). Just feeling out for any opinions (outside of the be grateful for what you have and stop whining). I still haven't opened it yet with Christmas and birthday in the next 2 weeks.
  12. After reading your review ILG, I think we got your close last minute seats. Also if the guy guy who asked me to move over (I'm over 6'3" tall) and I couldn't because I would be blocking someone else - is on this forum - sorry for being so tall and ruining your Section 4 Row B seat. Imagine scoring Section 4 Row B and then have me standing in front of you.
  13. Thanks for confirming sound issues and also countering with good sounding seats. I bought them the day of the show and Mohegan is a tough ticket to get becuase of the smaller sized venue so I really couldn't pick and choose. next time I will hold out for Section 15 or 25 (I saw Sting 2 weeks ago from Section 15 but it was with an orchestra so the sound wasn't jacked to begin with). Hope everyone had a good time. On to SPAC where I have heard it's a lot of reflective concrete. I need to see the drummer this show though so we will be sitting Stage Right. I still haven't bought tickets for that one either yet. I may be at the whims of what's available.
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