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How is it possible NOT to like Rush?


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I can easily understand why someone wouldn't love Rush or even like them. I would disagree with them but I understand.


Back in the college days when i would host parties and make some compilation tapes as background music, I avoided three bands/artists that I personally loved. Zappa, Jethro Tull and Rush. Something about their music, that if you weren't on board or you were unfamiliar with their music, it bugged people.


Three great bands to clear a room though.

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How can anyone not like eating raw oysters? Well, I can't eat one of those slippery, slimy goddam things. So, I must be the weird one, eh? Give me Rush's Hemispheres, a warm woodstove to sit beside and bowl of baked beans with chunks of moose sausage into 'er. That's my raw oysters... thank you!
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