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Irvine, CA Periscope Thread - July 30, 2015

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Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Jessica's feed:


At a Rush concert because I love my husband. They're playing Subdivisions. Kill me.




:laughing guy:


Best rule: if you don't like the music, don't go because you "love your spouse". It's sad to see couples leave halfway through because one of them didn't want to come in the first place.


I went to 49 Rush concerts. Never once with my wife!


I wouldn't waste the money on a Rush ticket for my wife - that is the last concert she would ever want to go to!


I did one worse. I took my wife to see KING CRIMSON. After the first set, she thought it was over and started to leave - when I explained that was just the first set, she was nearly in tears!


I did take my oldest son when he was 11. Loved it - but not enough for me to spring big bucks tickets this time


My wife is more of a Crimson fan than I am and I love them. She was the one encouraging us to blow the budget up and get tickets the last time around. My son loves them too although he's only seem them three times.


She really gets pissed when people say "but women aren't supposed to like King Crimson" I know I shouldn't, but I always laugh at that.

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Man, if I could afford it I would be on a plane to LA tomorrow.


I can't afford it and I WILL be on a plane tomorrow! :LOL:


Great attitude. I really ought to just go anyway.


I'm going all out and attending RushCon too. Always thought one of those would be fun, but fat chance I'll ever be in Toronto.

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At least she's doing something useful while enduring this. :LOL:


Even if the motives are somewhat nefarious. Probably the most followers she'll ever have.


At least she's taking one for the team. Whatever works, right?

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