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  1. DW Drums documentary that was put on YouTube 11/27/19 I've cued the video up to where they show the making of the R40 drum kit, with a nice interview with Neil. With bonus jamming on the kit!!!!!! https://youtu.be/gzt-PaR0XUw?t=2715
  2. It's easy to see who Neil's real friends were. The people trying to show that they knew the most are just looking for attention.
  3. So many moments of inspiration. The thing that Rush music and lyrics always gave me? Hope.
  4. They are, and will always be my boys!!!! Uma Thermos... :laughing guy:
  5. All the highlights of that headlong flight Holding on with all my might Some days were dark I wish that I could live it all again Some nights were bright I wish that I could live it all again Today feels pretty dark.
  6. I can't pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend. But it sure doesn't feel that way. RIP Pratt.
  7. Manhattan Project. The pilot of Enola Gay Flying out of the shock wave On that August day!!!!!!! Available light Bravado Cinderella Man The Spirit Of Radio Afterimage Middletown Dreams Mission Time Stand Still Open Secrets Nobody's Hero The Garden
  8. Imagine a man When it all began The pilot of Enola Gay Flying out of the shock wave On that August day ---------------------------- Summer's going fast Nights growing colder Children growing up Old friends growing older Freeze this moment A little bit longer Make each sensation A little bit stronger Experience slips away Experience slips away The innocence slips away
  9. Epidode 84 http://tpbpodcast.libsyn.com
  10. ATWAS was Geddy at his absolute peak IMO. If he thought it, he could sing it. The Hemispheres bootlegs show Ged struggling to maintain that high range in every song. That's why I think Permanent Waves have pretty much all songs in a much lower range. From there I think his voice aged gracefully up through Snakes And Arrows Live. I love this voice too. Understandably the last few years have been more of a struggle. Singing hard rock for 40 years will do that to a guy. :D I wish that we could do it all again. :)
  11. Signals, G/P, Power Windows, HYF, Presto, RTB, Counterparts, T4E. All in Buffalo except Presto in Toronto.
  12. From ATWAS My spirits are low in the depths of despair My lifeblood... ...Spills over...
  13. Huh? At least, that's what I feel...
  14. War Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY. Signals/GUP tours. Many others. But those are the ones before '85.
  15. I'm watching Bill Kurnik's periscope (on replay) of the final show. My band had a gig last night so I missed out on the fun. Thanks Bill
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