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Songs You Like That You Think Nobody Else Likes!


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8 hours ago, spaceaudity11 said:

I know it is kind of awful, but part of me loves Neurotica... 

Those first notes are fantastic, with the baseline underneath, and I really like the verses.  But the chorus, with that "whoa oh".  What was Geddy thinking?

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On 10/5/2023 at 10:49 PM, Weatherman said:

Anagram (for Mongo).

I was singing along to that song for years without even realizing that the lyrics were all anagrams. I'm dumb that way. 

You're not dumb...most of them are not anagrams. 

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24 minutes ago, invisible airwave said:

The last two tracks on CoS

I've felt this way even before I recently got into weed. :laugh:

:heart: CoS :heart:

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