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Alex - pre-emptive strike


Should Alex shave his head or grow his hair?  

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  1. 1. Should Alex shave his head or grow his hair?

    • Grow his hair long where he can
    • Shave it bald
    • Leave it as it is (Frankenstein cut)
    • Borrow some of Geddy's hair

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QUOTE (IChoseFreeWill @ Aug 22 2011, 08:48 AM)
Isn't the point of Alex's straight blond civilian hair to contrast with Geddy's curly dark Jewish hair?

I seriously doubt they're thinking that deeply. Really, do you think they're talking about this stuff before a tour?

Geddy: Well, you shouldn't be bald because we need to keep the contrast with my curly, dark, Jewish hair.

Alex: You're right. I'll keep mine straight and blond.





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Er, don't see him shaving it any time soon. If you look at the S&A tour photos and compare them with the Time Machine ones, he's had some transplant work done. It's no "Hair Club For Men" job either, as it looks decent.


Me, I kinda like the "Flock of Alex's" look he had going on in the 80's. biggrin.gif


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