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6 more days!!


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QUOTE (cygnus_thegodofbalance @ Jun 23 2010, 01:28 PM)
I'll be there in spirit.

icon_alienjig.gif <-- and because there is no ghost, here is the closest thing


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QUOTE (Itty12 @ Jun 24 2010, 02:09 AM)
I'll be there holding up the Canadian flag for the band with my dad laugh.gif. yay this is my first RUSH concert and I'm really looking forward to it. biggrin.gif

Enjoy! You never forget your first Rush concert. I am excited for you. atickhum.gif

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I just scored a center section ticket, so looks like I've got one to get rid of.

Section 1. Row J( Geddy side) if anyone is looking...its a will call pick up so I wouldn't ask for any money up front just meet me there.

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You know what blows?


I just moved out of Albuquerque.


Seriously. Moved to Houston at the end of March... and they won't be here until SEPTEMBER. fists crying.gif Picked up the VIP package (x2) for the show, so got great seats, but damn... the wait is going to suck, knowing that I could have been seeing them in a few days.

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