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  1. Been a long, long time since I've been on here. Chance brought me back to TRF back in December and while browsing around I saw the Colon Cancer thread and read every single post, 6 months worth. It brought so many emotions out of me but the one that stood out most was frustration. In July 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 3A Colon Cancer (I know she had 3C, big difference) but after colonoscopies, surgery, and chemo, I'm 4 years clear. I was given the same treatment Lorraine refused, xeloda and Oxiliplatin. It wasn't fun, but it wasn't THAT bad. There are way, WAY more harsh treatments. There are an awful lot of now pointless things I'd like to say about this whole thing. Rest In Peace Lorraine.
  2. I saw some "rock"umentary about the early days of VH and I seem to remember Jim Dandy kinda respecting Roth and vice wersa.
  3. No...I would not wear short on a -30 day, and for that matter I wouldn't be in a place where the temp gets that low. Having been a Floridian for almost 30 years now I find I like the seasons and the idea of being in cold weather, but actually being there is too much.
  4. OK....I know it's been almost a week. I went to both Tampa and West Palm. I took my 10 year old daughter to Tampa for her 1st show and she loved it!!! A few months ago I put the setlist on her MP3 player and she listened to it whenever she could so she would be familiar with the songs and HOLY COW, she was not only familiar but damn near knew every song by showtime!!! I'm SO proud. We were sitting toward the back in the center, but on an isle (by design) so she could see better which was great 'cuz the light show was the best I've ever seen. She loved it too so after the show I took her to meet Howard "Herns" Ungerlieder who couldn't have been nicer in fact after they chatted for a minute, he reached into his pocket and gave her a pair of Geddy and Alex picks as well as a set list....what a guy!!! http://i519.photobucket.com/albums/u351/Discipleoflerxst/100_6495.jpg The next night I went solo and had a seat in section 1 row F seat 9. I figured row F, 6th row right? WRONG!!!!! Since I was at the extreme right end of the row, and accounting for the rows curvature, that put IN THE FRONT ROW!!! OK...I didn't get to see even a glimpse of Neil because of Geddy's keyboard blocking my view...and Alex was about 2.5 miles away on the other side of the stage, but Geddy and I bonded...duuuude we're totally bro's nowwwww!!! Check out these two vids....OK...the video and audio quality suck (my phone kicks ass but the camera on it sucks and evidently so does the mic)...but anyway...as I mentioned being right in the front Geddy was about a 5 feet away RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!! (Go to the :30 mark!!) (Go to the 1:52 mark!!) Two amazing, unforgettable nights. BTW....I'll see you guys around some time...take care and good night....It's been real.
  5. As much as I love Floyd and and am interested by the mystique and legacy of Syd....I feel he was overrated. As mentioned before he wrote a few good pop songs in the really early days Lucifer Sam, See Emily Play, Candy and a Currant Bun to name a few, but I think most of Piper @ The Gates of Dawn sucks and so do his solo records. Within the past year I went through a Syd stage where I was listening to a lot of his stuff and as much as I tried I just couldn't get into it. It was boring noise. Also, as mentioned by ReRushed, I think he was just surrounded by good musicians (I know has said this about Morrison but I feel it applies to Syd as well) and as far as Floyd goes, it was essential for him to leave the band to make room for the real geniuses Waters, and Gilmour. As far as The Doors go (which I also love), Morrison too surrounded himself with great musicians, but he was far less controlling than Syd. But I do feel he was less overrated than Syd. I feel Morrison had more writing talent than Syd.
  6. "I don't know if you're up on current events pal, be we just got our asses kicked!!!"
  7. QUOTE (Silas Lang @ Aug 24 2010, 12:56 AM) This album just has a magical feel about it to me. Excellent selection of songs performed brilliantly at their peak period. All the side 2 tracks really shine here along with terrific versions of Red Barchetta and LVS My absolute favorite album. I agree with SL 100%. during their absolute peak, great selection of songs with their best performances, and my favorite versions Xanadu, La Villa, Bangkok, Jacobs Ladder, The Trees and many more.
  8. I'm pretty sure I have this as well. I bought it in 1986 on vinyl. It was labelled Stellar Dynamics on UFO records. It has the same set list and it contains the first live performance of Fly By Night. Something else I thought was cool was that in one of Alex's solos you can hear parts of By-Tor and the Snow Dog. Fancy Dancer and Garden Road are simply listed as Mystery Songs. I haven't listened to it in about 20 years but I'm pretty sure it's the same record.
  9. I was never much of a Phish fan until recently when I started to listen to Sirius Satellite Radio station 17, Jam On. They play all kinds of live music jams. I really like it and I'm also becoming more a fan of Phish from listening to Jam On. On another note, a long time ago I remember Geddy saying that shows seemed to always sell out when and Phish were playing shows near each other and at similar times. It would seem lots of Phish fans would buy up tickets because of the similarities in the names. I guess the ticket takers didn't bother to read exactly what was printed on the ticket, so many Phish fans got to see Phish courtesy of a ticket.
  10. QUOTE (slambozzio @ Aug 17 2010, 02:55 AM) Still my all-time fave Rush live album My all time favorite album
  11. I'm not afraid to admit that if I can get in the front row, or move to a better row than the seats I have, I'm going!!! But I'll only move to an empty seat. I usually try to get good seats, first five rows is what I prefer but who doesn't. There is nothing more tempting, or nothing that drives me more crazy than seeing an empty seat IN FRONT OF ME!!! And I'm in the first 5 rows!!! Where are these people who hold these tickets and why aren't they at the show??!!! My idea is, if there is an empty seat in front of me...I'm taking it. I always wait to make sure nobody is sitting there by watching the seat throughout the show and if nobody ever shows up, by halfway through the first set or at intermission, I take that seat. The last show I attended (Jacksonville in '08) I had 7th row, and two rows in front of me where 2 empty seats so halfway through the first set I moved up. Nobody minded, I asked the people around me if it was OK and noone complained. So I stayed there....until a few minutes later I noticed 2 more seats empty in the 3RD ROW (???!!!)....So up I went to those seats, and again not a soul complained. In West Palm in '07 I had third row way to left side, and in the front row were empty seats...that's right front row, 4 of 'em in a row!!!! They were empty because the for some reason these seats were reserved for people in wheel chairs and deaf people. The people in wheel chairs weren't sitting in the empty seats for obvious reasons, and the deaf people where standing in front of the person signing. So I moved up and asked a guy in a wheel chair if I could have have his seat and he was more than generous saying something like "f*ck yeah dude I ain't usin' it!!" Now I understand the gripe in the thread is people who crowd you out of your seat....I hate that I won't do it and I've had people do it to me and it sucks. But I see nothing wrong with moving up a couple of rows to fill an empty seat. Moving up like 20 or 30 to a new price range of tickets is another story. I don't want anyone near me who paid 10 bucks for a seat while I paid 100.
  12. QUOTE (Pags @ Apr 21 2009, 07:37 PM) http://www.seetheride.com/images/sfga_0.jpg Well... I'm not sure if I'll be going there this season, but Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey has done a major facelift to one of it's premiere coasters. Say goodbye to Medusa, and hello to Bizzaro. At least this time they didn't dismantle one of their killer coasters to install a kiddie ride. I rode this coaster on June 15 when I was at 6 Flaggs....what a great park. Blows our Orlando theme parks away...yes it does...You can have Mickey, I'll take El Toro, Bizaro, Kingda Ka, and Nitro (which is the only coaster I was ever scared on, 'cuz of the tiny lap bar) any day. I love roller coasters!!!
  13. I used to watch the show (haven't seen it in a few years now esp. since Vinny left)...always hated Sr. and felt Jr. and Vinny should have teamed up which I'm kinda glad to hear they did. I thought Vinny started his own chopper company though...What happened to it? To me, that show was a good idea with good drama but a couple of years ago, when they got huge and you saw their faces everywhere you turned I lost interest. I thought their 15 minutes was up.
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