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  1. I could do without BU2B2, Wish Them Well, and maybe Carnies if they decided to cut a few.
  2. No peeking for me. I did on Time Machine and I don't think I enjoyed it as much because of it.
  3. 1. YYZ 2. La Villa 3. Main Monkey Business 4. Where's my Thing 5. Leave that thing 6. MalNar 7. Limbo 8. Hope
  4. The whole said is great IMO, but tears might be my least favorite.
  5. I thought this was obvious. Just because its in the album booklet doesn't mean it is a lyric on the album. It isn't a mistake.
  6. I waited patiently until June 12th to hear the album.
  7. Between the Wheels is perfect for me, but I am really loving The Garden.
  8. So far I'm liking but not loving it. I expect it to grow on me.
  9. The Wal-Mart here had it up front, tons of copies...
  10. QUOTE (tjtull @ Jun 8 2012, 01:47 PM) QUOTE (losingit2k @ Jun 8 2012, 01:36 PM) The Lyrics for "THE WRECKERS" are really descriptive. They really paint a picture and tell the story like those of: Red Barchetta, Countdown, Red Sector A, Losing It, What's your take? I agree! In fact, that's where this entire album shines, to me. It feels so cinematic! To quote Simple Jack, it's like "head movies. But this head movie makes my eyes rain!" So good.
  11. Checkster2112


    I'm liking it, really strong imagery.
  12. Agreed, the title track is really special.
  13. I haven't found my jaw yet, it hit the ground a few hours ago and I can't find it...
  14. My college radio station has played it a few times.
  15. I'd like to see less MP and S&A, more Signals and p/g.
  16. Bands that have earned my ears get more of my attention. I don't think HF would grab me if it was another band, but that's not a bad thing. The fact that Rush made it makes it more enjoyable for me. I think everyone has artists that have this effect on them, and its ok. We're human, we can't be 100% objective all the time.
  17. PeW and MP, closely followed by Signals and p/g. 2 pairs that compliment each other incredibly well.
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