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    First Rush show "Hemispheres" 1979....and never looked back
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  1. I scored a center section ticket so now I have to sell my other one. This ticket is at will call so I will not charge you up front, just meet me at will call day of show and we'll do the transaction there. Asking $225.... Section: 1 Row: J Dan
  2. I just scored a center section ticket, so looks like I've got one to get rid of. Section 1. Row J( Geddy side) if anyone is looking...its a will call pick up so I wouldn't ask for any money up front just meet me there.
  3. QUOTE (Sgt.D @ Jun 23 2010, 10:48 PM) Looks like rain folks. You're bringing bad mojo to the thread bro!
  4. Depending on how the speakers, screens and so forth are set up you may have great seats or just so-so with an obstructed view. I have had great luck in the past buying those seats in different arenas....thing is they HAVE to put obstructive view as a blanket disclaimer not taking different show setups into consideration. Dan
  5. Hey Drumnut! I'm new to the forum and just noticed this thread...sorry to hear your struggles bro...I have had epilepsy for around 13 years now after hitting my head while I was in the Air Force. I have Grand Mal seizures too, which absolutely suck. They're painful and when they start I pray to pass out quickly so I don't feel the excruciating pain anymore. The after effects are really bad too...body hurts everywhere, bad headaches, and I've almost bit my tongue in two a few times. Anyway, I have been able to control them with meds..Tegretol XR works for me...I've tried Keppra with no luck....I do however have auras quite a bit, this is where it feels like a seizure is coming on then it stops, sometimes refered to as a mini seizure. I hope you get a hold of your episodes at some point. They're coming out with new drugs all the time. Stay strong brother! Dan
  6. OK so who's going to be there? Well, I will..... . Dan
  7. Found it! Geddy talkin' about the plans....so far he's right on the mark! http://www.planetrock.com/Article.asp?id=1752798&spid=35830
  8. I myself treat every tour and every album the boys make as their last....you just never know what tomorrow brings, unfortunately...
  9. Thanks! If that's the case, which totally makes sense with their past, I'm extremely stoked! I'm hitting 2 shows this round and definately get a couple more shows in next year! Any links?
  10. I was thinking about the Moving pictures tour, and the pre-Moving Pictures Tour they did in Sept 1980 before they launched into the full blown tour Feb of 1981. Could they possibly launch into another tour after the release of their new album in 2011? Here's hoping! Dan
  11. The boys aren't coming to Phoenix this time, so my solution was to get tickets to Albuquerque and to Las Vegas! I'm thinking about cruising to Cali and catching one of their 3 shows there too. Hey this may just be there last....but I have a sneaking suspicion that they are going to tour again after they release their new album in 2011.. Dan
  12. QUOTE (Checkster2112 @ Jun 17 2010, 06:09 PM) QUOTE (hughes&kettner @ Jun 17 2010, 01:00 PM) QUOTE (bigalfan @ Jun 15 2010, 04:38 PM)QUOTE (rushthroughtime @ Jun 14 2010, 08:31 PM) Hemispheres Anthem La Villa Straingato Jacobs Ladder Countdown You will be hearing JL, unless you are not planning to attend any concerts. I also think LVS is a strong possibilty. Great list, though. has jacob's ladder been "confirmed" or something? if so, i may need to bring a change of pants to the show... I'm bringing my spares either way. Yes I believe Alex confirmed it in an interview..
  13. Rush-June 29th Albuquerque Robert Plant-July 20th Phoenix Rush-August 14th Las Vegas
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