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Eight Camaros

what went wrong?

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I had a '77 Camaro.




I thought I was the coolest of the cool.





Loved my 75, but we hot rodded it up. Now have an 01 T/A 6 speed manny. Electronically limited to 156MPH. :7up:


Similar... I had a '77 Firebird.

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2 hours ago, BastillePark said:

Some people are going to be irate when GM calls them and tells them they aren't getting their car as soon as they'd hoped. Especially the ZL1 guys.

I'd politely try and squeeze some concession from GM, the dealership or both.

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Boardman vanished in 1985 shortly after purchasing a new Camaro. Law enforcement located the same vehicle in East Point, Tennessee, weeks later with two men and a woman inside. Investigators now suspect Boardman was killed in a carjacking gone wrong and his body was dumped across state lines. The two men have since died, but investigators are looking to contact the woman for more information. 

"From what I was able to piece together it seems to be a robbery gone bad," Bradburn said. "Hopefully she has answers, she can provide at least something that could provide a little more closure."

The two women who cracked the case hope to solve others and possibly team up again in the future. 

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