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Favorite songs that tell a story


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Third Rate Romance


Ditto. Great call! Without looking it up..........wasn't the band that did it called Ace?


Amazing Rhythm Aces 1975

I know the Sammy Kershaw version. which is excellent!


I never knew that was a cover!

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Manhattan by Bob Seger



Shakey Davey's got a twelve gauge in his hand

It's sawed off to the limit

He's got a vague plan

There's this liquor store on Madison

There's another one down on Washington square

He's pretty sure no one's ever seen him

Down around there


The first one's birdshot the next four are double aught buck

The last one's a slug just for good luck

He's got his works in his pocket

He wants to score as soon as he's done

He can't wait to get straight to get long gone


He puts on his long coat scribbles off a short note

Sits himself down and waits for the sun to go down


It's right around midnight and there's still too damn many people on this street

He's walked all the way from Battery Park he's got sweaty hands and burnin' feet

He's desperate for a fix

His body's screamin' "Get me high"

He bursts through the door and lets one fly


Sunrise in the park and Davey's cold as stone

He got some bad merchandise and he was all alone

Two more unsolved mysteries a iot of paper pushed around

Most folks are just wakin' up in this great big town

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One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer - George Thoroughgood

Meh. So-so copy of:


One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer-John Lee Hooker.

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Any of a number of story songs by Lorena McKennitt, most notably her arrangement of Alfred Noyes' poem "The Highwayman".
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The Brady Bunch Theme Song.


Gilligan's Island too.


Beverly Hillbillies theme too.


Hell it even starts with "This here's a STORY 'bout a man named Jed......"

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