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Found 18 results

  1. I just learned that Jeff Porcaro plays drums on Pink Floyd's "Mother," allegedly because the time signatures were too tricky for Nick Mason to learn in time to record.
  2. For me it was Cheap Trick. I would not be here if I did not hear Surrender in Skate 1. :haz:
  3. Did you get any new music for Christmas? If so, what? I didn't get any new Rush (didn't ask for any) but did get Traveller by Chris Stapleton and Confessin the Blues; it's an awesome compilation of blues songs put together by the Rolling Stones. Car trip today ( Xmas #3) is a good chance to hear Traveller; I really like it.
  4. I was listening to Slayer as I was going to sleep the other night, and as I was drifting off I began imagining more and more vivid shapes and forms which seemed to somehow match the sounds I was hearing, and they would change and move as the sounds did. I think because I was going to sleep I could really hone in on this effect of music, but I also think it's something that sits in my subconscious a lot. Listening to something will often spur a sense of place or environment in the listener from what I can tell. As a student of architecture I find this really interesting as it shows some kind of subconscious connection and relationship between the visual and audible arts at a really basic level. Just sounds influencing forms, nothing as thought out and constructed as say the score of a film conversing with the images on screen. Have you ever experienced anything like this, a kind of visualization of sounds?
  5. As a music forum, we talk music. Many of us have introduced other TRFers to artists, and been introduced to ones that end up becoming our own favorites! Feel free to credit your influencers here! For me, bean-tor - Beck, Judas Priest; Emerson, Lake & Palmer Day Of Light - KMFDM, Arcade Fire, Garbage Union 5-3992 - David Bowie, Devin Townsend, Porcupine Tree, Queens of the Stone Age, Steven Wilson (and probably more <3 ) Permanent-Rush - Cheap Trick Probably more. TRF Chat (thanks for keeping that dead, 73) was a great place to discuss and simultaneously listen to music, and I know additional forgotten souls there directed me to good music!
  6. Does any like any bands in this list besides Rush? Cheap Trick,The Who,Green Day,Helloween,Rush,Kiss,Deep Purple,Motley Crue,Led Zeppelin,Tom Petty and the Hb,Gamma Ray,Kix,Pearl Jam,AC/DC,The Clash,Pink Cream 69,Def Leppard,Nirvana,Metallica,Ramones,Mudhoney,The Offspring,Yes,Iron Maiden,Gun's in Roses,Twisted Sister,Slayer,Quiet Riot,Joan Jett and the Bh,Sex Pistols,Devo,Tesla,Alice In Chains,Agent Orange,Savtage,Aerosmith, Judas Priest,Heart,Europe,The Beatles,Rolling Stones,Everclear,Cinderella,Beastie Boys,Anthrax,Whitesnake,Linkin Park,Alice Cooper,Failsafe,Van Halen,Megadeth... This list could change...
  7. So a hot topic debated recently on this forum is whether or not rock is still alive. Yesterday, ReGor started a great new thread where we discuss what the ultimate list of defining classic rock albums would contain, and it is very interesting to say the least. But how about we give some attention to new music. This is not to swipe away the focus on classic artists and their work (that thread I hope will have long legs), but just to shed light on new generations, new sounds, a new era. The criteria for this list is simple: Classic rock bands of course deserve the honour of inclusion (Rush, Europe, and Maiden have had some great successes, for example), but the albums HAVE to be from 2000 onwards (90's releases deserve their own thread, but this thread is meant to shine a light on the 21st Century). As always, be respectful. Music is not always a topic that needs to be argued, and I would like to ask that if we get any foolish messages about "rock is dead" or "these artists/albums suck in comparison to old music", we linger on the pro-active comments instead. Because truth be told, it is getting boring and the negativity from certain quarters is exhausting (and I will take some of the flack for being too confrontational myself at times)). This should be a thread to celebrate or introduce new music. We can agree, or agree to disagree. But let's just keep things interesting. If you disagree with a release, but agree on the band, spotlight the album you think is more deserving rather than tear apart someone else's addition to the list. Feel free to discuss, just be nice about it.
  8. I'm doing some research for a piece I hope to write soon, and (if it's alright with the powers that be) I'd like to ask the board members a few questions It's all about bands and musicians who have "sold out". No need to be too formal or anything, but say as much as you like (I won't link to this board or name any board members in the piece I write) Here we go! 1. What does "selling out" mean in the world of music? 2. Who, in your opinion, has "sold out"? What do you point to as their "sellout" moments? 3. Does anybody come back from "selling out", or is it a permanent stain on the act's career? 4. What sorts of actions would constitute "selling out", whether or not somebody you've named in your answer #2 did that or not? 5. Tell me anything else that might be pertinent to the idea of "selling out" Thanks for any and all answers you guys give!
  9. Have you ever purchased or, conversely, not purchased an album because of its art? I have this thing about aesthetics and so I'm very partial to putting on display only the cover art in my collection that looks good. I also have a tendency to overlook albums with cover art that just doesn't look good. This is apparent in the way I'm gathering my Rush collection. I have all of the albums digitally but was also meaning to get them on cd, vinyl, etc, and what I noticed is that I wanted to buy the "pretty" albums first (Hold Your Fire imo), even though they're not personally my favorites to listen to. I'm also avoiding buying Marillion because quite frankly their early album covers are kinda gross. New artists it's even worse. I decide whether to buy or not solely based on whether I think it looks pretty. Discuss judging an album by its cover.
  10. Dear Rush fans, I would like to introduce you to my progressive rock solo project. My name is Alberto Rigoni from Italy and I've been playing bass since 1998. Back to 2005 I started composing my own music, mostly inspired by progressive bands such as Rush and Dream Theater but also bass players such as Michael Manring. Between 2008 and 2012 I released internationally three solo albums that featured also great musicians such as Kevin Moore (Ex Dream Theater), Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree), Goran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen) and many others. You can liste to some sample here: https://soundcloud.c...ets/solo-albums For more info my website is: http://www.albertorigoni.net You can also follow me on http://www.facebook....tothebassrigoni Hope you like my music! Thanks for your attention and prog on! Ciao dall'Italia! Alberto
  11. Hey everyone, I had a thought. Everyone on here talks about long epics for music, but I am really curious, what is the shortest song you have (on Physical Media, ITunes, iPod, etc.), is it BU2B2, or something shorter, and can you beat me. My Shortest song is Fingertips: Whose Knocking On The Wall? by They Might Be Giants clocking in at 4 seconds.
  12. Hey folks and fellow fans of Rush, My band AirBorn is gearing up to release our new single, "Mudpond" with it's b-side "Semi-Sweden." Our music is most certainly influenced by Rush, and you may remember our release in late 2012, an instrumental space concept album, The Day the Sun Revolved Around the Earth. You'll hear other influences as well - Camel, Dixie Dregs, Steely Dan, Opeth (think Heritage), Return to Forever, etc. I'd appreciate it if you'd give it a listen and check it all out. You can listen here: http://airborn.bandcamp.com/album/mudpond-semi-sweden. Thanks! PE
  13. I think I'm really starting to get into this band. I started listening to "Time to Pretend" several times, and now I'm listening to more of their stuff. I think they're pretty brilliant for a hipster group, even if the songs do come off as sort of evil. Then again, maybe it's the way I think.
  14. I learnt Hope and O'Malley's break. I started to like the acoustic guitar only songs with no signer just one acoustic guitar doing his thing. If you guys know any other songs like Hope I would really like to learn them.
  15. http://ca.shine.yahoo.com/blogs/shine-on/couple-announce-breakup-touching-youtube-song-174645795.html
  16. http://youtu.be/jRy9zMGq1Rw
  17. http://www.rollingst...e-year-20121118 American Music Awards Crown Justin Bieber Artist of the Year Singer also wins Favorite Pop/Rock Album and Male Artist by: Eric R. Danton http://assets.rollingstone.com/assets/images/story/american-music-awards-crown-justin-bieber-artist-of-the-year-20121118/306x306/20121118-justin-bieber-x600-1353298793.jpg 2012. Kevin Winter/Getty Images Justin Bieber won three times last night at the 40th American Music Awards, including Artist of the Year, and warmed up along the way from a peevish start to sounding genuinely moved by the end of the show. "I'm just so blown away right now. I want to thank you for just always believing in me," he said, turning to his mother when he took the stage for the last time. "I want to thank just everyone. This is amazing . . . As long as you guys keep believing in me, I will never – " Bieber trailed off, overcome for a moment, then resumed: "I will always make you proud." Bieber also won Favorite Pop/Rock Album for Believe, beating out Maroon 5, Nicki Minaj and One Direction; and Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, besting mentor Usher, Flo Rida and Pitbull. The Canadian teen phenom sounded defiant after his first win. "This is for all the haters that thought that I was here for maybe one or two years," said Bieber, who was wearing red sequined slippers not unlike Dorothy's from The Wizard of Oz. "I feel like I'm going to be here for a very long time." Sure enough, he wasn't offstage for long before returning to perform a stripped-down version of "As Long As You Love Me" seated on a stool and accompanied by a guitarist who strummed along beside him. Then he got up and kicked into a full-on production of "Beauty and a Beat" that featured a guest spot from Nicki Minaj. Minaj got plenty of her own screen time: she won Favorite Hip-Hop Artist and Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album for Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, and she performed "Freedom" on a snowy set with frosted white trees. "I've gotta thank everybody that had anything to do with my career ever," she said after winning Favorite Hip-Hop Artist, singling out the devoted fans she calls "Barbz." In addition to commemorating 40 years of the AMAs, last night's show included a tribute to founder Dick Clark, who died April 18th. In honor of Clark's contributions to music and pop culture, Stevie Wonder performed a medley of "Master Blaster (Jammin')," "My Cherie Amour" and "Sir Duke," and recalled meeting Clark in Philadelphia when the singer was just 13. "I remember his friendship, his kindness, and I remember his love for music and love for people," Wonder said. Wonder's was just one performance on a show that was full of them, interspersed among the awards – although the showstopper had nothing to do with the trophies. K-pop star Psy closed the AMAs with his global smash "Gangnam Style," which came with an added twist: halfway through, MC Hammer showed up, resulting in a "Gangnam Style" mashup with Hammer's "2 Legit 2 Quit." Usher opened the telecast with a medley that included "Can't Stop Won't Stop," amid a small army of backup dancers and a barrage of flickering lights. (He also won Favorite Soul/R&B Male Performer.) Later, Carly Rae Jepsen began her performance with new single "This Kiss," but there was no way she was getting out of there without also singing "Call Me Maybe," which she did with great enthusiasm. Jepsen also won the Old Navy New Artist of the Year award. "To the fans, I am floored! Thank you," Jepsen said. After Taylor Swift bested Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood to win Favorite Country Female Artist, she performed her song "I Knew You Were Trouble," vamping through costume changes on a set with a grand staircase and a bunch of chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. Kelly Clarkson breezed through a medley of her biggest hits, including "Miss Independent," "Since U Been Gone" and "Stronger," while Pink re-created the turbulent sensuality of the video for her song "Try." When it was her turn, Christina Aguilera let her voice loose on "Army of Me," which flowed into "Let There Be Love." She was back a few minutes later to join Pitbull onstage after the Miami rapper performed a medley of his songs. Ke$ha sang her new single, "Die Young," flanked by male dancers whose faces were painted to resemble Day of the Dead zombies. No Doubt blew through their latest single "Looking Hot," complete with jets of pyro to emphasize the hot part. Linkin Park won their fifth award for Favorite Alternative Rock Music Artist, squeaking past the Black Keys and Gotye. The band later thundered through the song "Burn It Down." After a series of low-key, almost disinterested acceptance speeches, Luke Bryan actually seemed excited when he won Favorite Male Country Performer, beating Jason Aldean and Eric Church. "I want to thank my wife for letting me be a big kid out on the road every week, playing shows," he said. David Guetta was the first-ever winner award for Favorite Electronic Dance Music Artist, topping Skrillex and Calvin Harris. Winning the award is a sign of how big EDM has become in the United States, Guetta said by video link from a tour stop in Brazil.
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