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Found 24 results

  1. RUSH Take A Friend FLY BY NIGHT Making Memories Rivendell CARESS OF STEEL I Think I’m Going Bald The Fountain Of Lamneth 2112 Lessons Tears A FAREWELL TO KINGS Madrigal HEMISPHERES Every song from this album has been played live. PERMANENT WAVES Different Strings MOVING PICTURES Every song from this album has been played live SIGNALS Every song from this album has been played live GRACE UNDER PRESSURE Every song from this album has been played live POWER WINDOWS Emotion Detector HOLD YOUR FIRE Open Secrets Second Nature Tai Shan High Water PRESTO Chain Lightning Anagram (For Mongo) Red Tide Hand Over Fistu Available Light ROLL THE BONES Face Up The Big Wheel Neurotica COUNTERPARTS Cut To The Chase Alien Shore The Speed Of Love Everyday Glory TEST FOR ECHO The Color Of Right Totem Dog Years Carve Away The Stone VAPOR TRAILS Peaceable Kingdom The Stars Look Down Vapor Trail Sweet Miracle Nocturne Freeze Out Of The Cradle FEEDBACK For What It’s Worth Mr. Soul Seven And Seven Is Shapes Of Things SNAKES AND ARROWS The Bravest Face Good News First We Hold On CLOCKWORK ANGELS BU2B2 Grand Total: 44 Please let me know if this list must be edited.
  2. I didn't think I would like it but it's pretty cool. The Canadian Brass covered it on their new release, "Canadiana", which pays tribute to Canadian artists such as Joni Mitchell, kd lang, and of course, Rush!
  3. Not sure how many people know about it, but in Universal Studios Orlando, there is a rollercoaster that lets you choose a song to listen to while you ride called Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Rush is not on the public list of songs, but by holding your finger on the logo instead of one of the song genres when choosing your song, a keypad will come up and entering 101 will play 2112 pt. 2 for the ride. I was just wondering if anyone knew about it/ actually rode with the song. I was going to, but the ride inconveniently broke down before I got my chance to ride. Can any one tell me if it is anything special, or if you did not know about it, what your thoughts are.
  4. Life in Surround is a YouTube channel (with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tie-ins) dedicated to promoting great surround music. Rush have several great surround albums. Mike, from Life in Surround is a huge Rush fan, and here is a very touching tribute, which includes an overview of Rush in surround.
  5. For all of you vinyl or 2112 enthusiasts- there is a new purple vinyl bootleg (oh, sorry they are just calling it an "import") on Amazon. Not a lot of information on WHICH 2112 concert; all the information says is that is a radio broadcast from the Permanent Waves era. Someone in another group reported that it sounds pretty good. Anyway, here is the listing (before it sells out or gets taken down . . . :P ) https://www.amazon.c...72804598&sr=8-1 .
  6. I know what I'll be listening to on my long drive back to the homeland on Thursday night. It's not a great forecast but there certainly is plenty of RUSH expected! Rock on! http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z33/bfwgjma/Rush%20posters/Screenshot_2016-02-08-08-16-05_zpsmlif1jhc.png http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z33/bfwgjma/Rush%202010%20Shoreline/246.jpg
  7. NPR has put up a new interview with Alex about 2112. Not a lot of new information in it, but it's always interesting to me to read others' reactions to it at the time. http://www.npr.org/sections/therecord/2016/04/30/476268876/all-the-gifts-of-life-40-years-of-rushs-2112
  8. WARNING: POSTS OR PORTIONS OF POSTS MADE IN THIS THREAD MAY BE QUOTED BY ENTRE_PERPETUO IN HIS ESSAY FOR SCHOOL. DO NOT POST IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO POSSIBLY BE QUOTED. So some of you may possibly remember me posting a thread a while back where I considered the idea of trying to get a real interview with Pratt discussing the lyrics of 2112 and their effects on bringing so many people into Rush's fan base. Well, as life got busy and realism set in, that idea kind of fell through, however, I'm still writing an essay on Rush and I'd still like to collect some primary opinions on this stuff. So here's a thread for you to post your answers to a few questions and for everyone to share their stories of getting into Rush. 1. What led you to become a Rush fan? 2. If the album and/or song 2112 played a major role in your induction into the Rush fanbase, how did it do so? 3. What meaning do the lyrics and symbols of 2112 hold for you, or what lack of meaning if there isn't any? Happy posting, feel free to discuss with others like any other thread.
  9. I posted this song before on other threads, a few people asked about the gear used on the above track so here it is for anyone interested: Guitars: Aria Pro semi-hollowbody (90's) Fender Strat (modified) 82' Amp: '87 Marshall Jubilee 50watt head, 4X12 cabinet Effects: deluxe electric misstress, Boss ce-2 chorus, mxr phase 90, Morley volume pedal (no overdrive pedals used) Bass: 71' Rickenbacker 4001 Keyboards: various 'Moog like' soft synths Drums: 20 x 24 DW KICK DRUM 14 x 16 DW FLOOR TOM 12 x 14 DW FLOOR TOM 11 x 13 DW RACK TOM 10 x 12 DW RACK TOM 8 x 10 DW RACK TOM 5 1/2 x 14 Slingerland 1962 maple Snare 22" Paiste Dark Ride 17" Paiste Dark Crash 20" Paiste Reflector Crash 19" Paiste 2002 Crash 8" and 10" Paiste Signature splash 15" Paiste Dimensions Power Hats DW 9000 Double Pedals
  10. Okay I realize some people are going to be on me like pack animals right now but... I don't understand 2112's great acclaim. I get the historical significance but the suite itself is not outstanding besides the overture and Temples. I mean it's good... And the other songs are just mediocre except Passage and Somethign for Nothing. Can someone set me straight please?
  11. So I'm a junior in high school and I'm in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program. For the IB program (which lasts through both my junior and senior years), I have to write a four thousand word extended essay on a topic of my choice. I have chosen the topic of Rush's 2112, namely its lyrics and its mass cultural impact. Put (semi) simply, over the course of the next year (starting about now), I will be writing a four thousand word essay examining the lyrics and cultural impact of Rush's breakthrough album in order to explore the question of why 2112 had and has continued to have such a prominent cultural impact including its lasting and incredible effect on Rush's fanbase. At the present moment I have not begun writing yet, but I am gathering a list of sources which I may intend to cite in the paper. While I was talking with my school librarian earlier about finding good sources for such an essay, she suggested I try to find a way of setting up some kind of interview (anything from exchanging e-mails to meeting in person) with the man behind the lyrics, Neil Peart. I think this would be absolutely awesome, but I'm not sure how to make it happen. So I've come here to ask you all: what do you guys think of the idea of setting up some kind of interview with Neil where I can ask him questions about his lyrics on 2112 and his opinions about the reasons for the albums humongous and lasting popularity and impact? If I were to do this, what would be the best way to contact Neil and set this up? What kind of interview should it be? Email? Social media? In person? What do you guys want to know that I could ask Neil regarding the topics my essay will be covering (2112, lyrics, cultural impact, effect on fanbase, etc.)? Should I ask questions regarding anything other than my essay What other ideas/opinions do you guys have that might be useful? I'm asking the fan base's advice on this, so feel free to ask other Rush fans you know what they think. ...and go. :)
  12. Got my taxes prepared recently. This was the statement from The City of Detroit... How did they know that I'd eat this up?! Bummer is that I still owe them $3 to be square for the year... Rock ON! http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z33/bfwgjma/Rush%20posters/0210151257_zpszy3lpxh5.jpg http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z33/bfwgjma/Rush%202010%20Shoreline/240.jpg http://i190.photobucket.com/albums/z33/bfwgjma/Rush%202010%20Shoreline/244.jpg
  13. We all know that Caress of Steel was a difficult follow up to Fly by Night but does anyone else think the same could be said of A Farewell to Kings following 2112? I heard 2112 then Hemispheres then A Farewell to Kings. I remember thinking it was an odd album, there's no long, one side epic. Of course Xanadu was and is colossal, the neighbours at the time complaining at the volume but the album could be said to be disjointed although the musicianship had moved up a level, maybe a comparison is Presence following Physical Graffiti- Led Zep.
  14. Congrats my big sis and friend RushCanuck on 2112 posts. A lovely woman who loves Rush and sports. Any mans dream. Way to go and she did it in style..... :cheers: :clap: Posted Today, 12:30 PM 2112
  15. http://www.rushisaba...Clockwork-Lives Plus Kevin and Neil are collaborating on a "sequel" to Clockwork Angels, called Clockwork Lives. My initial thoughts on "2113" were
  16. my band's version of Losing It which was played at RatCon this year. I was actually a little nervous. Gerry Hilera was scheduled to play with us but unfortunately could not make it. Our guitar player, Andy, took the violin leads and the guitar parts. On an already tricky (for me anyway) keyboard pattern while singing I was picking up a few things as well that I wasn't counting on. Wasn't 100% sure it would work but, overall, pretty pleased with it. It will now be part of our repertoire since we do not need a 4th player for it.
  17. So, besides being a big Rush fan, I really love Tool. Recently I went to their show in Portland and splurged on a VIP pass, which included a Q&A and meet and greet with Adam (Jones, the guitarist, if you're not into the band). I've read a lot of interviews where Alex praises Adam's guitar playing/composition as a fan and an influence, so I wanted to ask Adam if he felt the same way. He told me he "absolutely loves" Rush, and would go to sleep listening to them, then wake up and start listening again - especially when he was younger. He also said that 2112 was his "musical awakening". Apart from that the Tool VIP was a great experience: seats in the second row, Adam talked for a couple hours to the group and demonstrated some guitar playing techniques as well as playing the song Jambi for us. I even got to strum his Les Paul! Sorry if this is a bit off topic, but I thought I'd share. Check out Tool if you haven't before, and maybe someday their new album will come out.
  18. I'm not sure if I'm like any of them myself, besides sharing a birthday with Geddy? I think I'd be more of an Alex due to his sense of humor with a little Geddy on the side for his refined side :D
  19. Putting aside the 5.1 mix, is there any known information regarding the differences between 2112 Deluxe and the Sectors discs? Both were mastered by Andy VanDette with Sectors being mastered in 2011 then Deluxe was done in 2012. Are these the same masters or did he really remaster it again a year later? If you have any info with links I would appreciate it.
  20. Hey, so I was looking through the new articles posted about Rush on the Power Windows website, when I found an article interviewing Geddy, and he is asked his top favorite albums. Of course he is hesitant because like all of them have said, it is like picking a favorite child, he did narrow it down to 2112, Moving Pictures, Power Windows, and Clockwork Angels (not in that order), because he felt they were the most satisfying. I think it does not shock anyone to see 2112, MP, and CA on there, but I am wondering what everyone thinks of Power Windows being up there. I am over-joyed, but slightly shocked, seeing as how not many interviews from the era have them particularly happy with the album compared to how much praise they are giving CA. I would be even more shocked if they did not feature more than halve the album over the last two tours. I was just wondering what everyone else thought, if it is or surprising or not. Here is the link to the article. http://www.list.co.uk/article/51389-interview-with-rush-singer-bassist-geddy-lee/
  21. The people who bought the new 2112 Deluxe Editions, what did you think of the remaster 2112? I got the Blue Ray with the comic. The comic is cool and watching it with the Blue Ray is awesome. I am not that impressed with the remaster, sounds just like the regular CD or Vinyl to me. I thought it would be really cool in 5.1, but not that impressed. I was wondering if anybody else felt the same?
  22. Trunk is doing a 3 hr all Rush show on Fri 12-21-12 with a call in interview with Alex. You can listen on Q104.3.com or on iHeartRadio.com . 11pm to 2am
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