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  1. Are they repeating a lot of songs from previous tours? I will be excited no matter what they play, but I was hoping for a lot of deep cuts, or creative medleys. Something along those lines.
  2. I know everyone has different opinions. This is basically me dying to know whether the Rush community likes the setlist or not. And..maybe I'm trying to find a way to get hints at the setlist without actually looking at it. Please get here June 8!!
  3. Does anyone have any advice for the best place to sit at Nationwide Arena? I'm taking my girlfriend and we're not that tall (5'4). Should I try for VIP Gold and get close? Maybe lower level side seats? VIP Silver? Any advice is well appreciated. Thank you!! :hi:
  4. Alex's solo could have been better that's true. Still a great version and performance of the song. "BEST AUDIENCE EVER"
  5. What they did with Circumstances was brilliant, tuning it down. I think their live catalog is much bigger than people think. No Closer to the Heart or Dreamline, please.
  6. Turn the Page. That's all they should do. All I want is all of Permanent Waves! And Xanadu
  7. Feedback and then Vapor Trails
  8. 2112 with A Passage to Bangkok in 2nd place
  9. Yes. I'm surprised nobody posted a thread on this sooner! *EDIT* My apologies! Someone did start a thread on this topic already. http://www.therushforum.com/index.php?/topic/89113-2113-kevin-j-anderson/#entry3253872 I'm sorry everyone!
  10. That's an amazing setlist! Throw in Cut to the Chase and its perfect in my book
  11. http://www.rushisaba...Clockwork-Lives Plus Kevin and Neil are collaborating on a "sequel" to Clockwork Angels, called Clockwork Lives. My initial thoughts on "2113" were
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