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  1. No need to be ashamed or to change who u are. Being gay is understandable <3 Ha ha ha. Very funny. :P
  2. Vapor Trails Remixed looks way cooler than the original. The colors and slick design make it look eye catching and awesome :D
  3. TIME AND MOTION, wind and sun and rain... etc
  4. SHOW.... DON'T TELL... Show me don't tell me. You've figured out the score... Etc Sometimes I FREEZE until the light comes... Etc I know WHAT YOU'RE DOING and you're doing it all wrong... Etc All that you can do is WISH THEM WELL...etc Put on your KID GLOVES, put on your KID GLOVES. Then you learn the lesson... Etc
  5. Thanks for all the answers, guys. Yes, in a way I'm newer to Rush. Similarly to ctbadger, I'd known Moving Pictures and loved it and hadn't gone beyond that. Recently I comitted to learning YYZ, which fueled further investigation of Rush. That was back in December. I've obsessed over them enough that I feel like a huge fan, but I still have lots to explore.
  6. Thanks for the advice :) Like I said above, it FINALLY got to me. Many of you have said it's personal taste and looking back a bit I can see that because Xanadu is a masterpiece in my opinion but I've heard some people say it wouldve been great if not for the "needless length". Don't ask me where I heard that; I don't remember.
  7. All right... I've listened to it a bit and I wouldn't call it phenomenal but I think now at least it surpasses the writing quality of almost every song before it. I still find Cygnus X-1 and Hemispheres much more enjoyable.
  8. Okay I realize some people are going to be on me like pack animals right now but... I don't understand 2112's great acclaim. I get the historical significance but the suite itself is not outstanding besides the overture and Temples. I mean it's good... And the other songs are just mediocre except Passage and Somethign for Nothing. Can someone set me straight please?
  9. I am the same way with Hand Over Fist. I have no clue why I love it so much, but I just love it! I have a slight idea... The lyrics are clever IMO and I like the guitar riffs... But otherwise I have no clue why it's such a great song!
  10. Actually to add to that, Hand Over Fist is a favorite of mine for reasons I don't know but the for sure in my top 5 on the album. On a different note, I like some on Test For Echo (haven't seen people's opinions on it here elsewhere because I'm new) and TBH I'd probably like it all except I haven't listened to it too much. And for sure 100% of Vapor Trails!
  11. Honestly I think all of Presto is amazing. If I was forced to pick one I didn't like it would be Superconductor ONLY BECAUSE of it being a more pop-sounding song. (same case for Closer to the Heart... Hope I'm not offending anyone)
  12. Oh ok that makes sense. As you can probably see, I'm going to be at the Irvine show too. Btw my Rush listening drives my family crazy also. Today they came home to me watching Rush in Rio lol
  13. Obviously it's hard, as you're on the web right now, here... :P Why would you do that, anyway?
  14. Working Man (any live performance) Neil Peart's drumming makes it a lot more interesting IMO... I mean it can get a bit repetitive for being 7 minutes long.
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