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  1. Anyone here in to surround music? Rush have several albums out in surround and Life in Surround has already reviewed several. If interested, here are a couple to get you started! Fly By Night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PjiU8Rdjr54 2112 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GcFC3grSgQM There should be more Rush content coming, so subscribe if you like the channel!
  2. Life in Surround is a YouTube channel (with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram tie-ins) dedicated to promoting great surround music. Rush have several great surround albums. Mike, from Life in Surround is a huge Rush fan, and here is a very touching tribute, which includes an overview of Rush in surround.
  3. I've complied a wide variety of discs, for the albums I care about most: Fly By Night - Signals. I have US silver, US and W German atomic, MFSL, 1997 Remaster, the Sector sets, Dvd-Audio & Bluray-Audio (for certain albums) and HDTracks downloads. I suppose I should pick up at least one early Japanese album, since there are positive reviews. I've been doing some listening, as well as wav form analysis. I plan to reply back, at some point with some observations, some pictures, and maybe I'll even do a video on my YouTube channel.
  4. I have ample access to the early US CDs. Can anyone attest that the Canadian and/or W. German pressings are much better in sound quality? Say, worth 3 or more times the cost? Thank you.
  5. Gilligan's Island! There'd be a great T.V. show remake! Yes!
  6. QUOTE (hammerofthor @ Jul 1 2006, 10:16 AM) It wasn't meant to be mean spirited at all, but it is very nice to see people finally sticking up for HYFAL! He he!!! Hey Al!!!
  7. QUOTE (Drumnut @ Jul 2 2006, 09:13 PM) I just watched a "making of" type show about this on HBO. This might be the first money I've spent on anything from Hollywierd in nearly 10 years. I will not waste my money at a theatre due to all the horror stories I've heard about cel phones and patrons talking. I will however buy or rent this on DVD and watch it in the comfort of my own home. Oh God, I hear you about the cel phones and the talking... Return of the King--ruined So many others... I hardly go to the theatre too... Only if I really want to support a film/production house
  8. I don't even know who most of those guys are!!! I'm probably a little too young, but, also, I've never watched much TV... I have a TV set, but it is used only to watch DVD's. We don't even have cable or anttena service! I'll have to go with Al Bundy!
  9. QUOTE (Clark3934 @ Jun 13 2006, 04:07 PM) SoR is on ASoH? Yep.
  10. My question: is the mix on the GUP DVD different than on the cd? Is that implicit because one is 5.1 whatever and the other is just stereo?
  11. The Necromancer Virtuality Between Sun & Moon 2112 Stick it Out
  12. There is a surprising thing about this poll to me: Here Again What You're Doing In the Mood Before and After are all pretty much neck and neck in the standings. My favorite from the album always has to be Working Man then Finding My Way, but Here Again is very closely in third for me.
  13. Hello everyone here at TRF! I've lurked for a long time, but just joined the forum today. Hey all you CP buddies!
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