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  1. kinda disappointed not to see a NE date. oh well, that didnt stop me last time. I will be going to St. Louis to see them on this tour!
  2. I have all albums on vinyl but Presto, RTB, Counterparts, VT and S&A. I have the complete collection on Cassette! (ones that are available obviously) Would like to see a CA vinyl!
  3. Damn near every Rush song kicks my ass when playing Pro Expert Drums. Im good, but only up to 4 to 5 dot songs. Most 5 dot and devils kill me. But my top 5 would be (even though i'd fail every time) Xanadu La Villa Strangiato Cygnus X-1 By Tor and the Snow Dog Dreamline Also, I agree to ROCK BAND: RUSH game!
  4. heck yeah, got that day off! Gonna blast Rush and play FIFA 12 all day. Go Manchester United!
  5. It's different. Not that impressed by it.
  6. I am pretty excited for this as well. I played 2112 on GH when it came out and I didnt enjoy it much cause Im a Rock Band player and the drums for GH suck. lol
  7. "The Rage Against The Machine Guy" refers to Beyond The Lighted Stage where Tim Commerford states that doesnt like the Rush music from that era and never will because as a bass player, he was disappointed that his hero Geddy Lee made keyboards and synths his main focus during this time.
  8. KASON KENNETH DEANE 9 LBS even. 20" long. Born at 8:05pm on November 24th 2011 (I was hoping for a 9:12pm birth if ya know what I mean. Lol) My wife and I are very excited to bring our first child into the world!
  9. QUOTE (Can-Utility @ Nov 24 2011, 10:54 AM) It starts, it sucks, it gets mildly interesting, sucks some more and then ends. Does someone need choked out?? LOL
  10. YES it was a great night. That was the first time I saw Rush! I totally jammed out to RUSH all day on that lovely anniversary a few days ago.
  11. that was freaking awesome LOL
  12. Well how old are you. We are 23.
  13. My wife loved that show and i was forced into watching it all the freaking time. Lol this was a couple years ago though. Havent heard much of it for awhile. But yeah. Nice Rush song for a title.
  14. CoS is epic. And im sure they did back in the day. No problem with that. and all this talk about marijuana usage is making me want to smoke a little. lol its been about 4 years since I quit, but i'd definately do it again. LOL
  15. here's an idea, just sit down and listen to every album. at least once. thats what I did after I had listened to just a little bit of Rush previously. Im glad I did because now, I like about 80 to 90 % of songs in their career.
  16. was 2112. Lately its been Hemispheres. Ive developed an extreme liking to Side 1 of the album, and i already loved the rest. I play the album at least once daily.
  17. I have to say, that kid's a beast!
  18. yes, i did catch that connection, though I couldnt think of what show it was from. thank you for finding that it was young and the restless.
  19. I dont know if this has been discussed ever but I heard the song "Winning" by Santana earlier tonight. I noticed that the synth parts of the song are nearly identical to synth parts in "Red Sector A" The only real difference is that the notes are higher in "Winning" than they are in "Red Sector A" This doesnt mean anything nor do I believe that the "riff" was stolen by Rush, (Santana's song was released in 81) it's probably mere coincidence more than anyting. I just thought it was kinda noticable and fun to point out. If you want to hear for yourself ill post the links: RED SECTOR A - listen @ 1:04 WINNING - listen @ 0:59
  20. Cant wait till this is released. I would love to see the show again. Picking this one up on Blu-Ray. Hopefully ill have a new tv with a better refresh rate by the time it comes out.
  21. I have Presentation as a ringtone. Starting where "Yes we know! Its nothing new! It's just a waste of time!" Is sung. Its great and it turns heads when someone calls me lol
  22. they do Anthem in this link:
  23. Dreamline and Bravado BABY! With Caravan, Far Cry, and BU2B as runner ups.
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