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  1. Damn. I haven't heard anything this good in a long time. I had a lot of expectations for this album after watching all of the preview videos and knowing that there was going to be such a good lineup in the studio. I mean Nick Beggs + Guthrie Govan working on a Steven Wilson project, recording basically live, and all of this produced by Alan Parsons? It better be damn good and the thing is, it sincerely is. If anything, I just wish it were longer. But hopefully I'll get to hear some of the unreleased material on the RSD release coming out this April. This is better than any PT or solo SW work so far IMO. Now he just needs to come to Texas on his tour...
  2. I've known about these guys for like a year now and have been meaning to get both records on vinyl but I resisted because I don't like ordering online. Went into a local record store, just sifting through the Avant/Experimental/Noise when suddenly, both albums popped out of nowhere. Of course I had to buy both instantly. I was so excited. I never thought I would find these in a local record store. That's the kinda thing I live for. Finding that thing you've been looking for forever. Anyways, I'm listening to The Weirding right now. So far its amazing. I've heard some stuff off the Black Chord so I know to expect sheer awesomeness from that one. Great band. Too bad they won't come anywhere near Texas
  3. : Fantastic relatively new band from Canterbury. Bringing back the magic of the Canterbury Scene
  4. Greatest episode yet. That was amazing.
  5. QUOTE (The Owl @ Aug 19 2012, 09:14 PM) I saw them last night as well... Amazing show... Shit seat.. WAAAAY far to the right could only see a third of the stage thank goodness for jumbotrons This happened to my friend and I as well except we were on the opposite side. Luckily after three songs, for some reason we got really lucky and like 6 people just left and never came back so we could shift over enough seats to have a great view. Sorry to hear about your seats. I feel like they shouldn't have even made the seating go so far out on the sides. It really is ridiculous.
  6. Greatest show. Ever. Last night was mindblowing. My neck is so sore today. Plus this happened: http://imgur.com/a/VcCDy
  7. Holy shit. So f*ckin' pumped for the show now. I get it in a couple weeks. This description gave me a f*ckin' hard-on
  8. QUOTE (Rushchick10 @ Jul 30 2012, 06:13 PM) QUOTE (jwoods89 @ Jul 30 2012, 06:08 PM) QUOTE (Rushchick10 @ Jul 30 2012, 04:06 PM) Dream Theater, Marillion, Fates Warning, Iron Maiden, Queensryche (Pre 1994), and so many others... I have Train of Thought, Images and Words and Awake from DT, should I get more? And I don't own any of the live Rush albums, I own the majority of the DVDs though. Look at "When Dream And Day Unite," "Falling Into Infinity" and "A Change Of Season" from DT. And, if you like live DVDs, check out their "Live at Budokon" Usually these are some of the last albums DT fans get into... I would get Scenes From a Memory immediately if I were you. Some more Rush-related bands that I love other than the ones already mentioned: Camel, Genesis (Gabriel-Era and early Collins), Marillion, Iron Maiden, Primus (give them a shot... not really easily accessible and maybe not easily tied to Rush but there is definitely a connection)
  9. I am devastated. I will spin some DP all day today in his honor. The innovativeness of his legendary Hammond organ sound will never be forgotten.
  10. QUOTE (yyzyy @ Jul 13 2012, 02:23 PM) Thanks a lot man! We're in the middle of getting it put on a website that you can buy the physical copy and get it shipped out to you. We should have some more details early next week but it looks like they should be available online in a week or so. Thanks for checking it out, really appreciate it. Sweet I can't wait!
  11. Shit. I want to buy this on CD (I don't download digitally). I just checked your facebook page and I saw y'all's post about obtaining one outside of Toronto. I need to work on getting this. Your stuff is awesome. PLEASE come to Houston if you ever do a US tour. That would be SICK. We don't get enough prog down here!
  12. I voted DT but Queensryche's cover of Welcome to the Machine is mindblowing. I highly suggest listening to it
  13. I figured out the Headlong Flight guitar part and actually recently performed it with my band live (hopefully I'll be getting a video soon). I would tab it out, but I am way to lazy
  14. QUOTE (HowItIs @ Jun 29 2012, 02:22 AM) QUOTE (Tombstone Mountain @ Jun 27 2012, 01:29 PM) QUOTE (Weakly Criminal @ Jun 24 2012, 06:30 PM) QUOTE (Ancient Ways @ Jun 22 2012, 03:26 PM) Kudos to a "pastor" for not dismissing Rush at face value but a real Rush fan would not bring up Rand or objectivism. Really? Why not? Good question. Why does everyone shrivel/convulse at the mention of Ayn Rand anyway? For me, two reasons: 1. She was a hypocrite 2. She isn't a very good writer I am 15 and I thoroughly enjoyed The Fountainhead not just for its philosophy but also for its beautifully written plot. To say Ayn Rand is not a very good writer is a broad and completely biased statement.
  15. I saw Van Halen a couple of nights ago... Honestly Kool & the Gang played a better show and I hate their music. Van Halen was very boring. David Lee Roth just kept talking during songs. Their new material sucked. I would NEVER vote ADKOT over Clockwork Angels
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