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    Lincoln, Nebraska
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    Walking, especially with my dog, Jake; hiking in beautiful natural places, exercising, getting together with friends, studying and reading about diverse cultures and languages, reading and writing poetry, watching dog shows, listening to my favorite bands, and ESPECIALLY, listening to Rush CD's and watching/working out to Rush DVD's.

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    July 9th, 2015, Kansas City, MO
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    Resist; now tied with The Anarchist and Halo Effect.
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    Clockwork Angels (currently)
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    Rush concert-2002.......Was so close to the band, I could see sweat dripping from Geddy's and Alex's hands!!!! A close second would be when I spoke to Geddy and Alex on Rockline, in December, 2005!!!! My most recent AWESOME Rush experience: 5th row VIP seating on Geddy's side of the stage........an AMAZING feeling!!!!!!!!! :)))
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    Incubus, Tool, REM, U2, Smashing Pumpkins, Steve Vai
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  1. Yes, I'm definitely looking forward to it, too!!!! :drool: :drool: :ebert: :geddy: Long live GEDDY!!!!! :geddy: :cheerleader: :banana:
  2. Happy Birthday to Alex Lifeson, an amazing, brilliant and versatile guitarist!!!!! :cheers: :cheerleader: :banana: May you enjoy your Special Day, and may your magnificent music endure forever!!!!! :heart: :ebert: :banana: :guitar: :banana:
  3. Happy Birthday to the world's greatest bassist-singer, GEDDY LEE!!!!! :clap: May you and your amazing bass notes ROCK forever!!!! :banana: :geddy: :guitar:
  4. This is excellent news!!!!! I can't wait to see and own this documentary!!!!! :rush: :ebert: :clap: :cheers: :cheerleader: :banana: And I'd better not have to work on the night of Nov. 3rd!!!!! :( :| :boohoo:
  5. Happy Birthday, Chicken Hawk!!!!! :ebert: :clap: :cheers: I hope you have a FABULOUS, GEDDYLICIOUSLY SPECIAL day!!!!!!! :ebert: :clap: :geddy: :yay: :cheerleader: :banana: :cheers:
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to OUR FAVORITE BASSIST and SINGER, GEDDY LEE!!!!!! May you enjoy your SPECIAL DAY.....and may you celebrate many more!!!!! :ebert: :clap: :cheers:
  7. Lorraine, OldRUSHfan, Babycat, blueschica and Garden Dancer, Thank you SOOO much for the AWESOME Birthday wishes!!!!! :ebert: :clap: :cheers: I really appreciate your thoughtfulness, and want you all to know I had a wonderful birthday!!!! :hi: :banana: :banana: :ebert:
  8. Get well soon, Kim!!!!! Our hearts and prayers go out to you!!!! :heart:
  9. I attended the RUSH show in Kansas City on July 9th, this year, and of course, the Westboro Baptist HATE church members stood across the street from the Sprint Center, proudly annoying all of the many fans standing in line before the show. Wisely, every Rush fan I saw, appeared to totally ignore the picketing group of haters. What the FOO FIGHTERS did was a huge stroke of GENIUS!!!!!!!!! :dweez: :notworthy: :7up: :ebert: :clap: :cheerleader: Thank you so much, Foo Fighters, for so cleverly showing the WBC zealots to be the insane lunatics they truly are!!!!! :cheerleader: :ebert: :clap:
  10. Happy Birthday, Geddy!!!!! :cheers: :geddy: :banana: :cheerleader: :ebert: :clap: You are my favorite musician and the most awesome bassist EVER!!!!!!! :drool: :drool: :sundog: :notworthy: :rush: I salute you and wish you a wonderful day filled with everything you love!!!!! :ebert: :clap: :cheers: :kisshug:
  11. Happy Birthday, Geddy!!!!! :cheers: :geddy: :banana: :cheerleader: :ebert: :clap: You are my favorite musician and the most awesome bassist EVER!!!!!!! :drool: :drool: :sundog: :notworthy: :rush: I salute you and wish you a wonderful day filled with everything you love!!!!! :ebert: :clap: :cheers: :kisshug:
  12. Thank you........thank you........thank you, Jaminbenb........for the WONDERFUL pix of GORGEOUS Geddy at the JUNO awards!!!!!! :drool: :drool: :heart: :notworthy: :ebert: :ebert: :clap: :clap: :banana: :geddy: :wub:
  13. I totally agree with you, Capoetc. This time around, Ticketmaster (Ticketbastard) has ruined the VIP ticket-buying process, and along with the brokers, essentially corrupted the whole method of purchasing tickets. It really does seem like a hopeless situation!!!!! ;-(
  14. Happy Birthday to the sexiest bassist and singer ever!!!!! :heart: :kisshug: :geddy: I love you and your wonderful music!!!!! May your day be special in every way!!!!! :ebert: :banana: :banana:
  15. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this LUSCIOUS pic of Geddy!!!!!! :drool: :drool: :drool: It's been one of my faves for a long time!!!!
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